Nissan Diesel Particulate Filter Fail

Where Nissan has refused to acknowledge blame and help owners fix the diesel particulate filter issue that results in increased polution, diminished power and loss of fuel economy, Chip It - a startup Australian company steps in!
By: Adaid and Chipit
June 29, 2010 - PRLog -- Diesel Particulate Filter Issue Resolved by Chipit Australia

What is a DPF?

A diesel particulate (DFP) , is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or aerosolised diesel exhaust pollution particles .  A diesel car or truck equipped with functioning dpf filter will not emit the visible black smoke from the exhaust pipe.

DPF Purpose?

During combustion of the fuel and air mix, a variety of pollutant particles generically classified as diesel particulate matter is produced due to incomplete combustion. The composition of the particles varies widely dependent upon engine type, age, and the emissions specification. Two-stroke diesel engines produce more particulate per horsepower output than four-stroke diesel engines, due to more inefficient fuel-air mix burning.

Known  Problems

The Nissan Navara has a particularly nasty DFP. Several tests show that there is significant pressure load across the DFP. High exhaust back pressure can cause a number of problems in a diesel engine, increased fuel consumption being one, pollution, noise and diminished power being others!

This problem is also limited to the auto Nissans, as the manuals are not equipped with the DFP and do not seem to suffer from these problems.

Other issues involve dashboard lights coming on when taking short trips and the engine is not quite hot enough to efficiently combust fuel and air.

Mechanism Of Failure

This only applies to the new navara and pathfinder diesel autos with the DPF in the exhaust.
The DP filter is situated after the cat converter and is under the passenger seat area.  The ECU hooks into it with a number of sensors. Now its purpose is to catch and diesel matter deposits that get through the cat converter and trap them.  The trouble is when the DP filter gets to its full capacity  it needs to empty its self.  This is where it gets interesting.
To empty the DP dpf filter the vehicle computer increases the exhaust temperature to cause a secondary burn and clean the dpf filter… and how does it do this I hear you ask…. by increasing the fuel delivery to the engine and decreasing the power.
Short running causes the DP filter to fill quickly and poor quality fuel may also cause this.

As Nissan will not address this issue.. We have decided to tackle it ourselves. Check out the NAVARA page and the NAVARA D40 DPF page!

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Press release launched by Adaid on behalf of Chipit and their latest technology
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