BBQ Pit Boys Feature an Auspit Rotisserie in One of Their World-Famous Videos

The world-famous BBQ Pit Boys featured an Auspit Outdoor Rotisserie in one of their popular videos. More a lifestyle video than instructional, the Boys cut loose and focus on beer drinking and hatchet throwing while the rotisserie does the work.
BBQ Pit Boys
BBQ Pit Boys
June 28, 2010 - PRLog -- Rotisserie cooking was seen in a whole new light when the world-famous BBQ Pit Boys featured an Auspit rotisserie in one of their popular cooking videos, cooking up a scrumptious looking beef roast over a campfire. More a lifestyle video than instructional, some of the video’s highlights include the types of activities one might undertake--such as beer drinking and hatchet throwing--while the Auspit is doing the actual work.

“It was nothing short of awesome. It made us a tender and juicy 15lb. beef roast done to perfection! Our worldwide fans love it”, said Bob of the BBQ Pit Boys (  Bob added, “We borrowed the Auspit from a friend and put it to 10 continuous hours of work, starting with venison steaks and sausages the nite before. Same batteries. Well made and heavy duty. Worked as advertised...!”

The video can be seen on YouTube at: and the Auspit rotisserie action begins around the 3:20 mark.  

Jonny Rotisserie, the “Chief Kangaroo” of Auspit North America ( remarked, “With already over 14,000 views plus pages and pages of comments, we have been amazed to see the response to this video.   The BBQ Pitt Boys are legends, and we are honored that they chose to use an Auspit in their video.”

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So simple, so delicious, Auspit is an innovative battery-powered rotisserie that can be used from the back woods to the back yard. It holds up to 18 pounds and two D-sized batteries drive the motor up to 90 hours. Auspit accessories are unique worldwide.

HGTV picked Auspit as one of the "Top 10 Products of 2010" and Outside Magazine has featured Auspit as one of the "Essential Tools of Summer"

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