Dry Cleaning Delivery Business More Than Survives First Year

Who says a recession is a bad time to start a business. In the midst of one of the worst recessions on record, Shaun Buck, founded DryCleaningDeliveryBusiness.com and is now celebrating one very successful year in business.
By: Shaun Buck
June 26, 2010 - PRLog -- Shaun Buck, owner and founder of http://DryCleaningDeliveryBusiness.com, is thriving in business after one full year of success in the United States.

The core of the business is a marketing course created to help entrepreneurs to start and market a dry cleaning route business.

On the website http://DryCleaningDeliveryBusiness.com, Shaun gives away videos where he shows the simple techniques he used to go from no route business to $28,472 per month in route sales in just 12 short months for his dry cleaning delivery business.

In his own words, Shaun states, "And here's the best part - I didn't have a sales team helping me build my dry cleaning routes or tons of money for marketing my dry cleaning delivery business (In fact at the time I was nearly flat broke). It was just little old me, investing the little money I had into marketing that actually WORKS! Guess what? With the right knowledge you can do the same!"

In his FREE 3-part video series you'll discover what Shaun reveals:

   * "My Ultra Secret Dry Cleaning Marketing Method" where one person can add 40, 50, 60 even 80 new customers PER MONTH using my simple techiques and marketing strategies:
   * Learn how to be in the dry cleaning route business even if you don't own a dry cleaner. I don't own a dry cleaner, but I do own 5 large dry cleaning routes you can do the same.
   * I'll show you the 3 most popular ways to market your dry cleaning route business and go over the Pro's and Con's for each of the dry cleaning marketing methods.
   * You'll get to see Real Life Profits and Expenses From My Dry Cleaning Delivery Business.
   * Don't own a dry cleaner? No problem. I'll show you the Industry Standard Split as well as what other expense you can expect when starting and running your dry cleaning delivery business.
   * In any new business it can be hard to know if you are headed in the right direction, the dry cleaning delivery business is no different. I'll give you My Company's Benchmark Numbers. We use these numbers to make sure all of our dry cleaning routes are performing as expected and profitable. If you currently own a dry cleaning route this information will be eye opening and you can use what I reveal to increase profits almost overnight.
   * Get an inside look at the most popular and powerful dry cleaing route software available to run your dry cleaning delivery business. This software completly manages your day to day operations and even helps with your dry cleaning marketing activites!

And much more!

Additional information can be discovered at http://DryCleaningDeliveryBusiness.com.

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