Willful Stupidity of Human Beings as Infinite as the Universe!

In a new book, THE ORIGINS OF HUMAN VIOLENCE! author Boye Lafayette De Mente blames men for most of the ills of mankind, beginning with the male sex drive and male-created god-based religions which "have given birth to profit as the new morality!"
By: Boye Lafayette De Mente
Boye Lafayette De Mente
Boye Lafayette De Mente
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Albert Einstein is on record as saying that there are two things that are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and that he was not sure about the universe.

That indictment of mankind is more valid now than it was in Einstein’s time, says author Boye Lafayette De Mente in a new book, THE ORIGINS OF HUMAN VIOLENCE! – Male Dominance, Ignorance, Religions and Willful Stupidity!

“While it is true that in recent decades human beings have accomplished things that are god-like, we have not only continued to behave with willful stupidity, we have dramatically enlarged on the variety and volume of stupid things we do—knowing that they are harmful to people, to all other life forms, and to the planet,” he says.

De Mente ranks the following things as being among the most stupid and most damaging characteristics of human beings:

1]  The propensity to engaged in violence in every form imaginable, from mental and physical abuse to murder and war—most often committed by men.

2]  Belief in male-created religious dogma that represses natural human behavior—especially our genetically programmed sexuality—and encourages discrimination and violence against non-believers—the latter invariably perpetrated by men.

3]  The male-led adoption of the profit motive as the primary human morality, overriding all of the valid moral teachings of religions and philosophers.

4]  The creation of huge entertainment industries based on appealing to unfulfilled sexual appetites that religions have traditionally sought to repress.

5]  The display of female sexuality as a come-on to attract attention to products and services…because female sexuality as been denied, covered up and abused by religions and limited by social customs and laws, creating an obsessive interest in it.

6]  Built-in discrimination against different races, colors and religious creeds caused by ego-based self-interest, tribalism and the thirst for power and control.

7]  The glorification of the use of drugs by the entertainment industries and the concentrated efforts of the medicinal drug industry to get more people to take more drugs in a profit-making conspiracy with doctors.

8]  The breakdown of the male-female family unit as the primary structure of societies, and the growing number of males who impregnate single females and take no role in the upbringing of the children they sire.

9]  The failure of more and more parents in industrialized countries to take responsibility for civilizing and educating their children, leaving it up to television, video games and “conveyor-belt” schools.

10]  The reality that virtually all of the organized structures of modern society—business, education, government, health—are primarily based on self-interest within a mishmash of guidelines and rules that are self-limiting if not self-defeating.

The primary thesis of The Origins of Human Violence – Male Dominance, Ignorance, Religions & Willful Stupidity! is that male-created god-based religions—particularly Judaism,  Christianity and Islam—are still more self-and-male-serving than people-serving; that they have failed to address the real nature and needs of humanity; and that they are responsible for much of the stupidity that afflicts mankind.

De Mente warns that the present cultures of industrialized nations in particular are out of sync with both the needs and better dreams of humanity, and that new cultural paradigms must be formulated and adopted.

He makes a series of specific recommendations for these new paradigms, including the most controversial elements of present-day cultures: sexual behavior, religious beliefs, the role of females, and business.  The book is available from Amazon.com.

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