Stevie Nicks Mother Reopens Silver Spring Emporium in Scottsdale, AZ

Information on Silver Spring Emporium, how it received its name, Barbara Nicks, and Stevie Nick's upcoming shows!
By: Christy S.
Stevie Nicks relaxing on her dragon lounge
Stevie Nicks relaxing on her dragon lounge

Barbara Nicks reopens her antique shop in Scottsdale, Arizona. Article discusses how the store was named, Barbara Nicks, Stevie Nick's upcoming shows, & more!

The mother of legendary, STEVIE NICKS, lead singer of FLEETWOOD MAC and successful solo artist has REOPENED her fine antiques shop in Scottsdale, AZ.  The shop, originally located in "The Old Hopi House", is SILVER SPRING EMPORIUM.   It is one of the best antique shops for antique dealers and fans.  

You may visit the store online at
Phone: (480) 947-1627
Address: 6902 E 1st Ave, Scottsdale, AZ 85251-4302

Stevie wrote Silver Springs for the Rumors album, which topped the charts for months in the 1970's. Unfortunately, Mick Fleetwood did not include Silver Springs on the album, which caused a long-term rift.Stevie had written the song for her mother and given her the rights

.It was not until the hugely successful Fleetwood Mac Reunion tour in 1997 that the song was released, and it became an instant top hit.Stevie wrote the song about her relationship with Lindsey Buckingham, letting him know, you will hear me on the radio and never forget me.

Since reopening, Stevie hugged the store manager and said, "Thank you for making my mother's dream come true." The store is currently run by the Nicks family. Stevie's Nick's mother Barbara, now 82, has owned her antique shop for well over 30 years. She loves antiques because she stated, "They are history...I have things owned by my grandmother. These things were important to them, and so they are important to me. I have only Stevie and Chris (her children)." In essense, she is leaving the antiques to her store.

Barbara began loving antiques when she got her first SHIRLEY TEMPLE doll. She then began collecting antique dolls, then china and antique figurines. Her love for antiques grew, and she has been collecting a vast array of antiques and collectibles for 40 years now.

Antiques are becoming even more popular, as people realize their value increases. The television show, “The Antique Roadshow”, has brought a lot of attention to antique collection. People collect all types of antiques. Currently, antique furniture is the most popular collectible.  The store has just added room for antique furniture.

Silver Spring Emporium also has a small collection of products with Stevie Nick’s autograph. FANS of STEVIE and FLEETWOOD MAC should note, Stevie, unfortunately will not be signing autographs any longer unless her fans meet her personally. This is due to nonfans buying her autograph to sell on eBay and various sites to make a profit. If you are a fan and want to get an AUTHENTIC STEVIE NICKS AUTOGRAPH directly from her mother’s antique shop, be sure to CALL the store right now! The LAST Stevie Nicks memorabilia is anticipated to go extremely quickly! Business Phone: (480) 947-1627

Stevie Nick's mother is loved by fans around the world. Many fans have meet Barbara Nicks or talked to her on the phone, as she ran her store for many years. Others have met her at concerts. She is very kind, spiritual, and non-pompous. She does not brag about or tell people she is the mother of a music legend, unless asked. She has supported many nonprofit organizations throughout her life, and does not realize how much fans love her.

If you are a STEVIE NICKS FAN, FLEETWOOD MAC FAN, ANTIQUE COLLECTOR, or would like to show your love and support, please visit the store.  The store offers far too many unique items to list.

STEVIE NICKS is performing a few limited  tour dates as listed:
**August 6 - Harveys in Lake Tahoe
**August 25 -Turning Stone Resort & Casino in Verona, NY.
**August 27 - Trump Taj Mahal Arena, Atlantic City
**August 28 - Foxwoods Resort Casino/MGM, Mashantucket, CT

Stevie may also be recording music! Stevie Nicks has stated, “I do not write for myself, I write for other people (her fans and Fleetwood Mac).” Stevie has had a successful solo career and as lead singer for Fleetwood Mac. She originally started opening for JANIS JOPLIN, who was her biggest influence.

Now, younger singers look to her as a role model such as Cheryl Crow, Destiny’s Child, Dixie Chicks, Courtney Love, Taylor Swift, and many more.Tom Hanks once stated, “Stevie Nicks is the woman every man wants to be with, and every girl wants to be. “Courtney Love said, “She is like the fairy tale princess who is going to whisk you away….”

Stevie has not only created beautiful music, she has created a magical world for people to escape from their problems, if only for a little while. She has influenced fashion, and branded herself before Nike with her signature black dress, hot platform boots (made especially for her foot in Europe), princess blonde hair, beautiful scarfs, her twirl, long vocals, and occasional top hat.Fans please support the store and show your appreciation.

Stevie Nicks supports her mother’s store, and is so happy her mother’s dream has been a success. Stevie has just approved a link to Silver Spring Emporium on her popular official web site

Her mother wants to share her love of antiques with everyone. Many of the fans are wondering about the shop, SILVER SPRING EMPORIUM, thus the press release.It is reopened in Scottsdale, AZ.  Visit the store in person or online at or call for more information.

Hours of Operation:Monday: CLOSED
Please call for summer hours

*For legal purposes, please note I am NOT a representative of Silver Spring Emporium or it’s domain owner, Stevie Nicks, her management company, the Nicks family, or any other sources related to Ms. Stevie Nicks or Silver Spring Emporium. I attest all statements made by Barbara Nicks are true.*


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