Sixty Psychic Years. by Chris J Berry

Sixty Psychic Years― released June 22nd 2010 in hard-back, soft-cover and ebook. An autobiography that tells the story of a person’s impulsive struggle against spiritual truth, and the realisation of it in later years.
By: Chris J Berry
Chris and Poppy
Chris and Poppy
June 22, 2010 - PRLog -- After completing The Cyannian Trilogy, I began my autobiography, entitled, Sixty Psychic Years. It relates the story of an impulsive struggle to learn life’s truth as a youth, and the gradual acceptance of it in later years. From birth, it ascends through my life, recounting numerous, intimate, strange and revealing experiences. Writing, the Trilogy, enabled me to clone specific events to express my concerns for our world that denoted issues facing humanity today. Over the years, I have been privy to countless discussions between people from many walks of life; some of their dialogues sharing similar fears to my own. Now, as I approach the twilight years, I have taken it a step further by writing down my observations and concerns in an autobiography of my life.
   Few of us can dispute that Earth, today, is undergoing some form of evolutionary change, and which is being further exacerbated by the effluent from our technology. Undoubtedly, the books I have written are fictional, but the issues, used in them, symbolise some of what is happening around us today. The fundamental conclusion I arrive at, is that past civilisations were unprepared for the evolutionary events that took place, and what I believe is undoubtedly set to continue in the future. When I gaze back on devastating periods of disruption, history repeats itself time and again; Earth’s past, littered with failed cultures. Ancient transcripts impress me with a combination of, lack of foresight, planning, knowledge and human irritability as contributing factors that prevented civilisations coping with evolutionary, catastrophic change. Those transcripts, however, provide us with a bigger picture. They describe events that offer us opportunities today on how we can better manage our world by using its resources more frugally.
   Listening to the dialogues between various scientific faculties and governments, broadcast over the media, their discussions debate reasons why our developing technology is eroding the environment: how the strategy deployed by industry fails to properly manage the long-term effects of expansion, and the effluent spewed out by the processes of manufacturing. With each passing decade, the consequences are self-evident; depleting the mechanisms that maintain our world’s ecology and environment (a prime example is the culling of the rain-forests). Diversity of opinion lengthens the debates; wastes precious time, and succeeds only in aggravating the serious nature of the issues facing us today. All the while these debates persist, Earth is revealing a threat to humanity’s future in her changing mood— the majority of us; continuing to ignore her warning.
   For over sixty years, I have followed my mother’s endeavours as a practising spiritual medium. Setting herself up as an ambassador for those in the life beyond, she ventured to pass on warnings of what they told her was casting a shadow over Earth’s future. As a young man, gradually developing a respect for our Maker, I accepted her right to believe in whatever she wished; though distancing myself from any personal participation in spiritualism, primarily, because of the general opinion prevalent among the populous that doubted its reality. Similarly, Father, tolerated her interests, but made it clear; he also was not going to get involved in any of her spiritual activities.
   Like most youths, I was focused on the current trends of the time, joining in on music and sporting activities with my contemporaries. As I grew up, Mother continued to pursue her spiritual interest, seizing any opportunity to further indoctrinate me into her beliefs. When gazing back over those times, some of her prophecies, concerning the future of our world, seemed too incredible for me to accept on faith. Over the years, having been witness to many of them coming to fruition, it has caused me to pause and reflect. It was predictable, then, that as I became more curious about her spirituality, I asked her questions on what she felt lay beyond our transitions into the spiritual world. By the time I left school, she had gone some way toward eroding my scepticism towards spiritualism: but then, suddenly finding myself up against differing opinions out in the working environment, I soon realised that her beliefs were not shared by the majority.
   Negotiating my passage through life, I continually found myself confronted by strange experiences. Being practically minded, I rationalised these extraordinary events by applying explanations that contradicted my Mother’s beliefs. Now as I enter the twilight years I view life differently. I understand how, from her perspective, the truth, representative of her spiritual solution, was unquestionably real.
   As touched on earlier, I am practically minded, demonstrating an irritatingly, organised disposition. This characteristic of my nature has always ensured that I plan and prepare myself for anything. As my interest in Mother’s spirituality increased, it was only a matter of time, then, that I levelled my curiosity at her again for an in depth explanation into the practicality of her belief. If I am honest, what encouraged me to find out more about it was the aging process. It was gradually raising my awareness of how quickly the years were fleeting by; fuelling insecure feelings that told me opportunities in life were slipping away. Now, in the present day, that nagging, inner feeling has increased my curiosity to explore the purpose for our lives here.
   Right throughout my life, I have applied myself to my job conscientiously, increasingly mindful of the need to conserve our world’s resources wherever possible.  From my younger years, I enjoy the legacy of what my parents taught me— comfortably settled now beyond middle-age. Curiously, I find myself preparing for my transition, applying what I have learnt. But having reached the stage, where I share my mother’s beliefs, I perceive the notion I should try to do something with the time I have left. With some idea of what lies beyond this life, my autobiography seeks to share a little of that knowledge.
   One fundamental aspect, which relates to my mother’s spiritual beliefs, was her intransigent opinion, that a person’s transition into the world beyond should not be deemed as a sinister event. She believed the term ‘death’ corrupted the true meaning of a natural process that epitomised a moment of spiritual achievement, realisation and most importantly, a reunion with past companions. It was during one particular visit to my mother that she came out with a striking statement; it seemed to add weight to her belief. The topic under discussion, as always, was spiritualism. We were debating the level of spiritual belief held among the populous generally, and how the majority of people continued to view that dimension sceptically. Her response, to this consensus of opinion, came across airing astonishment. She explained: that in the context of our lives here, if one considered the definition of the word ‘inevitability’, it implied that we were all destined to end up in the world beyond whether we liked it or not. Her statement had a profound affect on me for years after, and was to become a key factor in confirming my intention to share my spiritual experiences with others. Inadvertantly, her assumption had provided me with the theme to pursue in my autobiography; to focus us on one of life’s indisputable facts― its termination.
   When I reflect back over life, I can see how my pathway through it has been influenced and guided by invisible entities. But one fundamental aspect, which appears in the themes of my books, reveals one overpowering fact that towers above all others. Without the wisdom, discipline and guidance my parents’ administered on me, the faith to pursue my life’s plan might not have come to fruition.

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About Chris J Berry. Having worked for the UK National Health Service for over thirty three years, I have been privy to many aspects of human tragedy. But what has captured my attention since, is the declining state of our world-- resorting to writing to express my concerns.

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