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June 19, 2010 - PRLog -- How do we compare prices?
The prices published are representative but may not always be identical to what you will see in your local store.

The matches we make are based on stringent rules which are themselves based on the rules for comparative advertising set out by the UK rule making body for advertising standards, the Committee of Advertising Practice.

We compare prices with our competitors by creating matches between products which are similar in terms of brand and quality. Manufacturer brands (e.g. Walkers, Kelloggs, Coca Cola) are compared on an exact match basis.

When comparing own brand products with competitors' own brands we make sure we only compare on similar quality e.g. we compare our Value with their equivalent Value products, our Standard with their equivalent Standard products and our Finest with their equivalent Finest products.

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We always aim to make a fair comparison between products. If a competitor's own brand product has a pack size differential of less than 10%, we compare prices on an exact match basis. If the pack size differential is greater than 10%, we do not include the product in our comparison.

The comparison excludes products without a match. We do not take into consideration any price savings for multi-buy promotions; we use single item price. Price cut promotions at all retailers are included.

This means we include more than half of everything our customers buy on the day in question.

We try to ensure that the prices displayed on this facility are fair, representative and accurate. However, in a survey of this size, it is always possible that an incorrect price may be quoted.

All products are subject to availability. Some products are only available in selected stores.

How do we calculate Tesco Baskets?
On Tuesday 1st June 2010, we took all Clubcard transactions from Tesco total transactions, excluding transactions from Tesco Express and selected Tesco Metro stores. This amounted to 2,474,627 baskets.

We calculated how much each basket would have cost in our competitor's store by overlaying prices taken from their online data on the same day and identified how many were cheaper in Tesco, how many would have been cheaper in our competitor's store, and how many would have cost the same:

Competitor   Baskets cheaper at Tesco   Baskets which would have been cheaper at competitor   Baskets which would have cost the same   Baskets in the sample size   Baskets excluded from the sample*
* relates to baskets where no items in the basket matched.
Asda   1,053,485   846,473   318,108   2,218,066   256,561
Prices for Asda and Sainsburys were taken from Asda.com and Sainsburys.com respectively.

Tesco Baskets - older comparisons
Date of comparison   Competitor   Baskets cheaper at Tesco   Baskets which would have been cheaper at competitor   Baskets which would have cost the same   Baskets in the sample size   Baskets excluded from the sample*
* relates to baskets where no items in the basket matched.
10/05/2010   Asda   1,027,021   859,612   299,339   2,185,972   258,835
10/05/2010   Asda   1,000,626   751,362   278,055   2,030,043   230,943
06/05/2010   Asda   963,713   749,393   249,110   1,962,216   231,868
04/05/2010   Asda   1,038,591   848,668   307,651   2,194,910   242,879
03/05/2010   Asda   751,062   610,427   206,777   1,568,266   195,271
13/04/2010   Asda   1,009,752   718,713   254,855   1,983,320   247,127
01/04/2010   Asda   1,523,783   867,819   265,546   2,657,148   371,565
22/03/2010   Asda   1,000,313   814,305   285,253   2,099,871   248,302
15/03/2010   Asda   1,026,548   723,895   283,568   2,034,011   231,956
05/03/2010   Asda   1,155,603   915,783   313,066   2,384,452   267,970
30/01/2010   Asda   1,152,772   936,627   217,374   2,306,773   260,618
26/01/2010   Asda   956,914   733,589   230,351   1,920,854   222,270
14/01/2010   Asda   1,019,108   753,971   166,197   1,939,276   218,768
13/01/2010   Asda   822,066   643,873   155,522   1,621,461   186,191

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