Many Cash-for-Jewelry Services Still Have Very Few Regulations to Prevent from Buying Stolen Goods

In this current economy, folks are searching for the fastest and easiest way to make some much-needed cash.
June 18, 2010 - PRLog -- MIAMI -- In this current economy, folks are searching for the fastest and easiest way to make some much-needed cash. For many of those individuals, that way is liquidating their unwanted jewelry for some quick cash to pay bill or make that purchase or vacation they’ve been dreaming about.
However, at one time you needed to make that trip over to the local pawnshop which, for some reason, always seemed to carry over a stigma that harkens back to years gone by. These days, you can avail yourself of the convenience of a post office in order to mail-in your unwanted jewelry and just wait for your check to arrive.
But the question remains, if it’s so easy to cash in your unwanted gold jewelry, isn’t it just as easy for criminals to profit, out of stolen jewelry as well? for many places in the country, gold purchasing companies are making it difficult on law enforcement officials to track down stolen jewelry. The problem is that gold items can be melted down very quickly, before it’s even been realized that there was a theft. Not so in Florida.
With the strictest regulations of any state in the U.S., Florida is the vanguard of law enforcement security, when it comes to selling second-hand jewelry.
GoldPal, a leading buyer of mail-in gold jewelry, based in Miami, Florida has made it clear that the sale of stolen gold items to them is not an option. In keeping with regulations, the identity of the seller is verified before each purchase is made. In addition, each piece is photographed and stored in a database that is accessible to law enforcement agencies via website within 24 hours of the transaction.
A GoldPal spokesman confirmed, “GoldPal works closely with law enforcement agencies. This is something we are proud to pioneering in Florida, and it is just a matter of little time before the pressure of the industry calls for similar regulations to be implemented in other states.”
At GoldPal, the concept of customer service applies to every aspect of the gold recycling business, it accounts for an unparallel user friendly customer interaction and a powerful back end jewelry processing that allows a fast and accurate valuation that ultimately translates in high payouts.

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GoldPal offers the faster, safer and most rewarding way to convert jewelry into money from the comfort of your home and with the flexibility to get paid directly into your bank account.

Starting in early 2007, many gold refineries launched the concept of a direct-to-consumer, mail-in gold recycling service. This excellent idea had an explosive and immediate response from the public in such a short time that created the appearance of many companies competing with each other for the business, but all offering a low-value trade for the gold.

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