The Next Available DJ Co., Incomplete Music, Or McDisc-Jockey? New England customers are confused?

The Next Available DJ Company, Incomplete Music, Or McDiscJockey? New England Customers Want To Know?
Don't Let This Guy Be Your Wedding DJ
Don't Let This Guy Be Your Wedding DJ
June 17, 2010 - PRLog -- DJ Companies are popping up quicker than Tiger Wood's mistresses these days.  Enter stage left a brand new company(we won't mention any names) that boasts over 30 years experience,but is aggressively looking for new franchise owners.  With their self-proclaimed title of #1 Disc Jockey Wedding Entertainment in The USA, it is bewildering that in 30 plus years, these DJ pioneers have not made their way to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, or Connecticut.  Perhaps New England doesn't count when you're the #1 Disc Jockey Company in the USA.

Many local DJ's are scratching their heads because this sales pitch sound all too eerily familiar.  Many of these "Walmart" like DJ companies that supposedly contract tons of DJ's and Videographers have gone out of business over the years and re-enter the market under a new name.  Veteran wedding vendors know that it's no coincidence when similar business models reappear after laying low for a couple of yeas.

"What's next", said one local DJ.  "Does the brides 1st dance come with fries?  When you approach the wedding industry like the next TGI Friday's franchise, it can only spell disaster."

Perhaps someone will tell McDiscjockey and Taco Video that we've seen their menu before.


That guy!

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