Natures Pantry. The Key To Good Health & Wellness

Proper diet and exercise are key to good health and wellness.
By: Alexander Lodi
June 15, 2010 - PRLog -- In today's society, we are confused on the topic of proper eating and exercise habits to lead a long and healthy life. We are taught to eat things that are not only unhealthy for us but to eat a modest amount per day for stronger bones and a healthy heart. From childbirth, we are taught to drink a large amount of milk and to eat cheeses of all sorts because they have a lot of calcium. We're also taught to eat a portion of meat and "whole grain" breads every day for the same reason.

I always tell people that if they want true health and wellness via a healthy diet to look right outside of there window. Look to nature and watch all of wildlife at work. Not one creature on earth (besides mankind) eats an unhealthy diet. Not one animal out in the wild eats anything with chemicals or additives as we do. Even the fact...and this is a real eye-opener for anyone I have ever spoken to on the subject of proper that wildlife as well as domestic animals drink milk only while they are being weaned by there mothers. Beyond that point in there life, all of wildlife drinks water and only water including domestic animals. (Nothing dairy is good for the body.) Water that has been untouched and does not have any additives in it such as chlorine to kill off any bacteria. They do not eat bread or cakes of any sort as well as consume any kind of raw sugar or flour. Don't be fooled by  "wheat" flour. Four is flour and its all bad for the human body.

On the subject of meat and fish. One of the main reasons meat of all kinds including beef, pork, chicken and lamb are bad for us is the fact that unless we eat organic meats, which very few people are willing to pay for, all cows and the like are injected with hormones to "fatten themselves up."  Why is this done? Simple really. Its done to create more profits for the farmer and grocery stores. The more weight on an animal, the more steaks, and chops can be created. Hence...that is why meat is sold by the pound. Including fish and seafood. (fish is another topic for later.) There is another reason why meat is bad for the human body even if it were natural and organic as well as untouched with hormones. This reason is because of body temperature. What does this mean? All domestic animals have a higher body temperature than humans have and that is why we are susceptible to higher levels of cholesterol and heart disease if they are ingested frequently. Draw this parallel to better understand what is being stated. If anyone took an ice cube out of there freezer and placed it on there counter top in their kitchen, it is surely going to melt since it has a colder temperature than our kitchen. (ice cubes being fish or seafood and the kitchen being us humans) The "fish", in this case has a higher body temperature than we do so whatever kind of fats, in this case omega 3 fats, will surely not stick to our arteries and cause what we call plaque build-up. However, if we take water from our sink (the water being a chicken, pig, lamb or cow since they have a higher body temperature than we have) and place that water into our freezer (the freezer being our bodies), the water is going to harden. Hence, create what we call plaque build up or hardening of the arteries. Animals in the wild that are carnivores do not have this problem because of there body temperature which is higher than ours. The science behind this is no mystery once it is learned.

The idea of eating a quick meal that can be microwaved in a matter of minutes is giving people the excuse that they have no time to prepare a healthy meal and nourish there bodies properly. Any kind of food that comes in a box has some sort of preservatives contained it to extend its shelf life. In return on the investment for foods of this nature is disease and lack of energy.

These unhealthy foods are what wreak havoc in our bodies because they do not alkaline the body nor do they allow a body that may be alkaline to stay in that state. Disease has a hard time thriving in an alkaline environment. Alkalinity in the body is only acquired through proper diet and exercise including not only drinking water. But the right kind of water which is alkaline ionized water. This is not acquired through any source of bottled water whatsoever and the companies that create this "healthy water" are making millions off of us consumers by sending the wrong message because they are as clueless on what creates good health and wellness as the next guy. Not to mention the chemicals from the plastic bottles that are leaching into that lifeless water in the first place.Alkaline water can be acquired one of two ways. First we can travel up to the high rocky mountains (what animals in the wild ingest) and bottle some ourselves (glass bottles and jars only please) since this water is still in its alkaline state or we can acquire an alkalizing water unit that creates this alkaline water.

I hope all of this information has been helpful. Its surely changed my life!

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