Digest It Colon Cleanse – The Clinically Proven Celebs’ Diet Secret

Digest It is a gentle, all natural method of cleaning the colon that actually improves overall health. By adding probiotics to its system, it replaces the “good” bacteria that are depleted by dieting, medications, and other stressors.
By: Jarod Bluebird
Diget It Colon Cleanse - Free Trial Offer
Diget It Colon Cleanse - Free Trial Offer
June 14, 2010 - PRLog -- Digest It has changed thousands of lives with its all natural herbal colon cleansing treatment. It has been clinically tested in double blind studies to relieve constipation without adverse side effects. Digest It is a unique constipation remedy; its powerful yet gentle formula maximizes constipation relief and helps to cleanse the vital organs and lymphatic system, all without causing intestinal cramping or loose stools.

Celebrities, with their personal chefs and trainers, have known for years that regular colon cleansing is one of the true secrets of staying fit and healthy. They also know how probiotics work to aid the digestive system. Digest It combines naturally-occurring herbal ingredients with a probiotic formula to provide a long-term constipation remedy, providing a complete solution to digestive health.

Digest it is perfect for those with occasional irregularity, as well as for those with chronic constipation problems. Because it contains none of the harsh ingredients found in other constipation remedies, Digest It can be safely taken on a regular basis for life.

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As many yogurt aficionados know, probiotics replenish the “good” bacteria that are often lost through dieting, medications, aging, and other stresses of daily living. Without probiotics, the entire system can become weakened. Yogurt, with its active cultures, is good. But Digest It’s probiotic formula is better! Each serving contains 9 billion live probiotic cells, more than 5 times the live active cultures usually found in yogurt.

The market is flooded with colon cleansing products, but Digest It stands out from the crowd. Unlike many other constipation remedies, even top-selling products, Digest It works gently and naturally without causing cramping or loose stools. This was clinically proven in a 2009 double blind study conducted by Global Clinicals.

Poor colon health can cause a multitude of problems, including headaches, fatigue, allergies, bad breath, and decreased mental clarity. Digest It’s complete colon care solution, with its unique herbal formula, can result in the alleviation of many of these condition.

Colon and digestive health are also closely associated with maintaining a healthy weight. Although Digest It isn’t a weight loss product, a sluggish colon is often implicated in weight gain. By taking care of this problem, Digest It, along with a high fiber, low fat diet, can result in a healthy weight loss.

Some of the comments from happy users: “I was just miserable until I happened to come across your product. In just one day I felt like a different person.” “Thanks to your amazing colon cleansing product I no longer have a problem with my bowels. Also, your weight loss program and diet tips have changed my life.”

Interested customers can receive a free trial bottle. After the free trial, Digest It can be purchased in one-month, three-month, or six-month supplies. The six-month supply comes with free monthly refills for life, with only a small shipping and handling charge.

Digest It is so confident of its quality and effectiveness that the company stands behind the product with a 90-day guarantee. A customer who is unsatisfied with the product for any reason can return it for a full refund within 90 days. A guarantee this strong is a clear indication of a superior, effective product.

Click Here To Visit The Official Digest It Website: http://digestit-pr.com/

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Digest It is a product of Bowtrol, which has been a trusted name in health and fitness since 2002. The company’s mission is “To deliver the highest quality health and beauty products with the best value to our customers." Bowtrol creates nutritional products of a quality not found anywhere else. By taking advantage of the latest breakthroughs in nutritional science and using the purest natural ingredients from around the world, Bowtrol brings only the highest quality products to a health-conscious public.

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