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Bret Parker covers home solar energy systems from around the world including how to make your own solar panels focuses on creating Homemade Solar panels for home power energy needs, but it also covers wind energy and how to build a wind turbine.
By: Bret Parker
June 11, 2010 - PRLog -- If you are interested in a home energy system, you must first determine which type you would like and how much power you need.

The more power that your system produces, the more you are likely to save up to an 80% reducing your power use and save energy costs.

Solar Power Wind Energy Is Affordable!

Home solar energy systems can replace your utility power with a direct or a standalone system for those who want to be utility free and reduce their dependence on the power companies.

Home solar energy systems for home electricity use solar energy, wind energy and has become increasingly popular because they can supply backup power in times of emergency and storm black outs to secure your homes basic needs such as heat, water and refrigeration.

Home solar energy systems are environmentally friendly, alternative energy sources. Benefits include:

•   Home security
•   Increase in home value
•   Fixed cost of electricity for 20 year life of system
•   Clean and quiet power production
•   Free, renewable fuel
•   Reduction of greenhouse gasses
•   Investment in the future
•   Energy independence

Make a solar package contains all the necessary information how to build your own home energy system

Make a solar gives you detailed plans on how to make a solar panel, wiring plans. The manuals and videos will show you ALL, how to calculate how much energy you can save.

Make solar panels without the big price tag. The manuals are put together in a simple manner that even a complete novice can make solar panels and know where to purchase the material.

•   How to make solar panels and build wind power generator
•   Step by step Make your own solar panel guide
•   Videos on soldering Solar cells
•   Wind turbine guides included
•   Step by step guide where to buy cheap material to make a solar panel and wind power turbine sources for home

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Bret Parker’s... Make a Solar Panel package a self contained training program, engineered to teach the skills he has mastered to everyone interested in the renewable energy as alternative power.

Comprehensive manuals and Videos on how to Solar Electricity Home Use – Solar Power – Solar Energy and homemade wind power generator construction
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