New Marietta Based Marketing Firm Harmonic Blessings Marketing Opened it's Doors Today

Despite the U.S. recession, joint CEOs Terrence Jones and Barry Dunn happily launched their new marketing/advertisting firm, Harmonic Blessings Marketing, this morning.
June 10, 2010 - PRLog -- While most people are worried about dwindling 401ks and shrinking their expenses in order to survive during the recession, Terrence Jones and Barry Dunn decided to start a business. This may seem like an illogical time to start a business to most, but Terrence and Barry think differently. "What our economy needs right now is an increase in consumer activity" states Terrence. He goes on to state that consumers are spending less and thinking harder before making spending choices. "Exactly. The only problem is, nobody is going to buy anything from a business unless they feel like they are attaining something of value. Your company may actually have the best product, but your advertising has to successfully convey that truth" adds Barry. This is why these two businessmen say they came up with the idea of their new business venture, Harmonic Blessings Marketing. "We have noticed that many local radio ads and jingles sound dull and unexpressive. This sends a message of mediocrity to the consumer. We created HBM (Harmonic Blessings Marketing) to help struggling businesses enhance their marketing efforts, which would result in increasing their perception of value and profits" states Terrence. HBM provides music-oriented marketing materials such as commercial jingles, radio ads, and background music. Barry stated, "Some people probably think we are crazy for putting our money into a new business at a time like this. What they don't realize is, what we're doing is taking a proactive approach to helping everyone put money back into their pockets. More economically active consumers means more jobs, and more money to pay the people at those jobs." You can find more info about HBM at

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Harmonic Blessings Marketing, a subsidiary of Strong Foundation & Co., LLC, was founded in June 2010 by Terrence Jones and Barry Dunn. Both Jones and Dunn have an extensive history of music experience and have operated Strong Foundation & Co., LLC with co-owner Richard Lamar Thomas successfully since January 2007. After noticing the vast amount of recession stricken businesses in the Atlanta region, Jones and Dunn decided to launch a separate entity specializing in providing companies with music-oriented marketing materials. With a passion for music and entrepreneurship, Jones and Dunn are determined to provide essential solutions for struggling business owners and enrich Atlanta's economic climate.

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