It’s time to give our dogs and cats the finest in nutrition. Vitamins are essential!

Our interest in pet health and nutrition for our dogs and cats is paramount. Dr. Deva Khalsa and Deserving Pets created Vital Vitamins for Dogs and Vital Vitamins for Cats that provides every vitamin and mineral dogs and cats require.
June 9, 2010 - PRLog -- Holistic veterinarian Dr. Deva Khalsa announces that her company, Deserving Pets, has created a new line of vitamins for dogs and cats.  “Every ingredient, including the non-synthetic flavorings, are human grade,” states Dr. Khalsa, “and the vitamins and all the processes they are exposed to are done in human vitamin facilities.”

A dog and cat’s body has trillions of cells in it, with each cell being a miniature city bustling with traffic.  Many people think of nutrition in terms of how many calories or what percentage of protein, fat or carbohydrates are in pet food, but there’s more to nutrition than that.  In fact, the most important part of nutrition comprises the tools that these cells – and the organs they comprise – need to stay healthy and ward off disease. The tools cells need to create health are comprised of vitamins, minerals and what scientists are not finding so important for healthy and longevity – the super foods.

Dr. Khalsa explains that “poor quality ingredients commonly found in pet vitamins, such as Brewer’s Yeast and powdered bone meal (which often carries toxic heavy metals are not found in Deserving Pets vitamins. Neither are the common fillers that are often used in pet vitamins.  Milligrams and IU are listed on the labels of all Deserving Pets Vital Vitamins.”

The special nutritional needs of both dogs and cats have been carefully considered in the preparation, as well as the common medical problems in both cats and dogs. Because GI problems are common in cats, Deserving Pets vitamins contain L-glutamine, dandelion, apple and pumpkin to normalize and aid digestion.  Additionally, states Dr. Khalsa, “To help avoid bladder problems, the cat vitamins contain Vitamin C, along with cranberries and blueberries; Vitamin D3 works with K1 to prevent minerals from unnecessarily flushing into the bladder, while milk thistle helps to prevent and eliminate crystal and stone formation.”

Dr. Deva Khalsa has been a leading voice for the past 25 years in the growing field of holistic veterinary medicine and nutrition.  She has co-authored, ‘Healing Your Horse: Alternative Therapies’ (Howell Book House, 1993), and most recently authored her own book, ‘Dr. Khalsa’s Natural Dog’ (Kennel Club Books, 2009), a book best described as a ‘holistic bible’ for dog owners.

One of Dr. Khalsa’s long-term career goals was to develop the most nutritionally comprehensive, easily assimilated yet truly appealing vitamins for dogs and cats. She views these products as her gifts to the animals she loves so dearly. Dr. Khalsa firmly believes that by enabling our dogs and cats to maintain optimum health through daily nutrition and diet, this will allow our furry four-legged friends to live their lives to the fullest, by staving off many of the most devastating illnesses and ailments.

Dr. Khalsa’s quest has been to improve the health of our pets - her ultimate gift -  designing Deserving Pets Vital Vitamins for Cats and Deserving Pets Vital Vitamins for Dogs.

FREE vitamin samples are available at To purchase Deserving Pets Vital Vitamins, please visit For telephone orders, please call 877-318-4825 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              877-318-4825      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

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