Cheap hair extensions at the cheap hair extension salons

The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten...
By: Vanessa Show Smith
Cheap hair extensions?
Cheap hair extensions?
June 8, 2010 - PRLog -- Do you know someone who is considering getting hair extensions but cheap hair extensions is their goal?...Then that person needs to be aware of the true facts of hair extensions and how important  it is to get quality hair extensions - not only to preserve the costs of the investment but also to maintain the health of one’s own hair..

Everybody knows that with the help of extensions anyone can now have long hair within a very short period of time since many people want long hair without waiting for natural growth, but most of the hair extension techniques available are not safe and in the process of obtaining long, luxurious locks, they find that the end result is the loss or permanent damage of their natural hair.

Many hair extension salons make the promise of offering affordable hair extensions to match their budget, but do these claims accompany a guarantee of preserving the hair’s integrity, which results in a multitude of medical procedures, even after removal?

The description of the perfect hair extensions should match the following:

•   Flat complexion to achieve an almost undetectable look to the eyes.
•   Thin composition of hair to evade heaviness that could result in pain and natural hair weakness.
•   No metals, rings or any kind of attachment that will add weight to the natural hair.
•   A rotund NONE to any kind of heat used in the procedure.
•   Virgin, Remy hair to avoid tangle.
•   Hair texture matching the own natural hair.
•   Hair extension technique that will allow the natural hair to breath and grow with it.
•   Reusable, a must if the goal is to have a quality hair extensions with minimum expending.

On average, a person’s hair grows half of an inch per month.  Extensions roughly last about 10 weeks before a visit to the stylist is needed again.  One must keep in mind that quality hair extensions will grow with one’s natural hair. – It is not until there are noticeable signs of hair growth (like over one inch of distance) that removal for servicing is necessary.   Again, it depends how fast the natural hair grows.  It is important to be very sure of the required maintenance, and to be secure of taking excellent care of one’s  natural hair as well as the extensions throughout that time for longer, better results.  Special shampoos, conditioners, and brushes may be recommended for optimal care.
It is very important when working with hair extensions to ask your stylist to wash the hair additives properly for longer heath of the hair (remember, hair extensions are made with, although human, virtually dead hair that can damage very easily).  It is also very strongly recommended to continue your maintenance; i.e. blow dries, sets, washes, and styles, and re-doing of the extensions, with the same salon at which you purchased them as they know best on how to manage in any situation.

At Rodolfo Valentin Hair Extensions Salons, all of the above are provided in the oh-so private, Hair Boutique.

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Vanessa Show Smith is a Beauty and Fashion editor. Vanessa Show Smith is also a freelance writer for magazines, newspapers, and worldwide media.
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