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Hot tubs can be quite expensive purchases, especially if you aren't content with a basic unit.
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See Which Hot Tubs Are Rated As Best -- Unbiased Reviews
See Which Hot Tubs Are Rated As Best -- Unbiased Reviews
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June 8, 2010 - PRLog -- And why should you be?  With all the accessories and built-in controls available with many units, you will definitely be tempted to buy the one that can offer the most functions.  

Xaviera Arata Editor of the  Cheap Hot Tubs  website -- -- pointed out;

“…But if you're unwilling to pay the price, consider buying discount hot tubs. They're not only cheaper, they are also as good as the more expensive types…” Added Xaviera Arata

Here are ways you can find one:

Seek the manufacturer.
If you have a trusted manufacturer in mind, try getting in touch with them to inquire about their cheaper hot tubs.  Some manufacturers are willing to sell directly to consumers, so you will eliminate the retailer's mark up.  

You might also want to see if they are selling hot tubs wholesale.  Wholesale prices are discounted prices and if you can manage to buy with a group of people, you can take home a hot tub at a very nice bargain.  You could save about 20% to 30% off the retail price this way.

Check retailers' sales.
Sooner or later, retailers will offer some of their hot tubs at a discount.  These are tubs that may be part of a clearance sale or a discontinued line.  Very often, these hot tubs are still of excellent quality and condition.  Retailers usually offer hot tubs at a discount during summer end sales or winter time sales. If you can wait, you just might find yourself a great buy.

Don't mind a secondhand?  Buy used.
Used tubs don't necessarily have to be old tubs.  Some owners sell their hot tubs for many reasons -- some of them may be moving to another town or a house with a smaller bath area, etc. You could get an excellent discount with these hot tubs, provided of course that you don't mind buying a used tub.

Buy online.
Plenty of discount hot tubs are offered online and many retailers have a good variety of brands and models to choose from.  As long as you deal with a reliable retailer, you should be able to get a good price for an excellent unit.  

Many online retailers can afford to offer discounts on their hot tubs because they mainly do business online, eliminating the need to add a high mark-up for overhead expenses.  Try these sites:,, and

Buying your discount hot tubs
Decide on what features you like and then check out models that offer these functions.  Don't be tempted to buy a model that has more functions than you can actually use.  

“…Don't forget ask for warranty and return policy in case you're unsatisfied with your order…” Added Xaviera Arata

Further information, resources and reviews of the best but reasonable priced hot tubs by clicking:

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