Senior Community Classifieds Aim To Unite Seniors Online

Retirement Listing Service is pleased to announce Online Senior Community Classifieds targeting all aspects of senior life. This idea is intended to unite the growing number of internet users throughout the senior community.
By: Lawrence Comiskey
June 14, 2010 - PRLog -- Toronto, Canada - Retirement Listing Service is pleased to announce new Online Senior Community Classifieds targeting all aspects of senior life.  This idea is intended to unite the growing number of internet users throughout the senior community.  The onslot of baby boomers moving into their senior years is shifting marketing trends from the "teeny bopper" era of dominance to the "zoomers" who are slowly taking command of marketplaces worldwide.  Due to the workplace many "boomers" moving into their senior years, already have extensive knowledge of the Internet, and are actively logging online everyday.  This shift in consumer trends will result in an increased number of senior living related businesses and more importantly a new way of marketing to the senior community, online.

Senior life as a whole encompasses many different wants and needs, from the active healthy seniors who have interests in sports and activities, to others in need of assistance or constant care.  Senior Community classifieds offer a centralized location which include all areas of this diverse spectrum.  The idea is based on the "Free Classified Community" structure which has gained widespread popularity  due to the success of websites such as Craigslist and Kijiji.  Retirement Listing Service takes a simplistic approach with a one page design and user instructions clearly visible, accomodating seniors with all levels of computer knowledge. The website allows seniors to easily navigate through online classified listings, in their local area, pertaining to senior living.

The Idea - Ahead Of It's Time
Currently, written forms of media are predominantly used by advertisers interested in reaching the senior market.  On the other hand, consumer reports suggest that the percentage of new computer users is highest amongst the senior population.  The implementation of computers into almost every retirement home, senior center and community complex is prevalent and directly relates to the shift in marketing trends.  With the progress of time and computer savvy "boomers" moving into their senior years, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the Internet will soon be the "go to" resource for not only seniors but every age group in North America.  

Everyone Wins!  The idea of senior community classifieds accomodates two groups, senior citizens who surf the web, and those who want to reach them.  It is safe to say that everyone wants to easily find whatever they may be searching for online, but with such a diversity among seniors, combined with minimal computer skills, it can prove to be a daunting task.  Respectively, it is a costly expense to get useful online exposure, due to the amount of competition, which in many cases does not even fall into the same niche.  Both sides win in this situation as senior community classifieds are easily navigated through, free to use and targeted to the aging population.  This idea aims to bring seniors and the surrounding community closer together, resulting in the betterment of senior life as a whole.

The Difference
Senior Citizens are a diverse group of people with many different wants and needs.  The normal sections found on almost every classified website do not embrace senior life even closely. Change is needed!  Here's the difference, senior community classifieds incorporate relevant categories which pertain to all levels of senior life, such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities and home care. One could also find on the same page, seniors activities, senior jobs and personals. Other changes include a buy and sell section comprised of senior products, such as wheelchairs, diabetic supplies and medical equipment. The senior services section requests a seniors discount, and the travel section is meant for seniors exclusively.   This idea attempts to combine the needs of all in the 65+ or older age bracket, helping to make searching online easy and enjoyable, while providing an inexpensive platform for advertisers to promote any related product or service.

Inexpensive? How About Free!
Advertising can be a costly expense for any business,  but it is essential for reaching new and potential consumers.  Community classified websites were built on the free posting approach. This idea remains unchanged at!  As a result,  everyone can get involved within the senior community and also offers an online presence for those who may not have one already in place.  For some, a combination of free or inexpensive advertising is all that is needed to establish a growing customer base.  Senior community classifieds are specific, targeted and free to use, inexpensive to say the least.

The Improvement Of Senior Life
The biggest benefit in having a centralized location for seniors online lies in the old adage, "strength in numbers", meaning that those who offer quality in service, care or products will gain good reviews thus attracting others who trust the words of a peer.  Those who do not, will have an opposite effect, reviews will help to save other senior citizens from potential scams, bad services or poorly run care facilities. As stated by Lawrence Comiskey, the website administrator, "People from within the community will effectively be able to make a difference and help put an end to businesses that  offer a sub standard service. This is truely one of the biggest benefits to the idea of the online Senior community."  Lawrence hopes to acheive increased awareness from seniors and those companies who thrive within  that niche.  A fully functional online senior community is already being utilized and can be found at

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About The very first Online Senior Community, providing free community classifieds for the 65+ population. Encompassing North America, the website is broken down into local areas to increase community interaction between seniors and relevant businesses. Modelled after the free community classified approach it was researched and designed for senior citizens at all stages. With emphasis on simplicity and relevance, the categories found cover all aspects of senior life from events and activities to retirement and nursing homes. Retirement Listing Service provides the best option for seniors searching online. The growing senior demographic is becoming increasingly computer literate. Senior community classifieds provide an online platform for use by everyone at this stage of life and those interested in reaching them. An onging challenge at Retirement Listing Service is to create awareness amongst seniors and companies who cater to their needs.

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