Anti Bump Deadbolt Locks Won’t Protect You From Burglars Kicking In Doors: The Ultimate Lock Can

The Ultimate Lock is now being offered at and via and is a great alternative to an ordinary anti bump deadbolt lock.
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Anti Bump Deadbolt Locks
Anti Bump Deadbolt Lock
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June 6, 2010 - PRLog -- When it comes to home invasion and burglaries, criminals are looking for the easiest and fastest way to get into the home without their presence being detected. The ultimate goal is to enter the home and take the homeowner completely off guard, which can leave a family in horrifying danger if they are present during the burglary.

Anti Bump Deadbolt Locks Won’t Prevent Door Kick Ins By Dangerous Criminals

Lock bumping is one of the oldest trends in home invasions and home burglaries. In today’s American homes, over 90% of door locks can be “bumped” because they use cylinder locks or other non anti bump deadbolt lock products which is why many lock manufacturers are trying to convince the American public lock bumping is a real threat.

Lock manufacturers want to sell their anti bump deadbolt lock sets to ensure no lock bumping will occur. BUT, what they aren’t telling consumers is that lock bumping is not a real threat. Sure, locks can be bumped by criminals but today’s criminals are much more aggressive in their techniques for breaking into a home.

In fact, home security expert Captain Ron Daniels (Houston, Texas) stated that in his many years on the Police Department, he’s never arrested someone for lock bumping. He has witnessed the fact that criminals would much rather kick in a door than try to bump a lock because when they take the extra time to try to bump the lock, they have an increased risk of someone seeing them on the premises. During lock bumping, burglars utilize a specific filed key created in the same size and shape as the home’s normal key. The bump key is inserted into the lock and then it is hit with a plastic bumping tool. The impact of this hit then pushes the filed bump key into the lock’s tumblers and the lock’s tumbler turns instantly. This process can take much more time than the 1.7 seconds it can take the same criminal to bust down a door with their foot.

Instead of worrying about lock bumping, homeowners should be much more worried about their doors being kicked in by criminals when they are away or even when they are home. After all, today’s modern criminals could care less if the family is home when they break in and won’t hesitate at all to harm the family during the process to get what they came for.

Anti Bump Deadbolt Lock: Lowe’s ( Now Offering The Ultimate Lock As An Effective Solution To Home Invasion Crimes

Now offered in Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores and at, The Ultimate Lock is emerging as the #1 solution for home invasions and other home safety problems. National security experts, local law enforcement agencies and NASA’s SATOP program all support The Ultimate Lock anti bump deadbolt locks.

The Ultimate Lock can help prevent doors from being kicked in by burglars and thus help prevent home invasions from happening. More specifically, The Ultimate Lock can withstand up to 4,000 pounds of pressure without breaking or unlocking. This means when a criminal tries to break down a door, they will be virtually unsuccessful in their attempts. The Ultimate Lock remains a more effective solution than the average anti bump deadbolt lock for burglary prevention. This high security lock includes a specially engineered steel strike plate and a super hardened steel security bar for extra security. It also uses a patented lockout feature to keep your home and family safe from intruders or from those who may have a copied key to the home.

The Ultimate Lock is now being offered at and via and is a great alternative to an ordinary anti bump deadbolt lock.

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