Right Wrist Angle At Impact For Golf Power

One of the most important functions for power golf is your right wrist angle at impact.
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June 1, 2010 - PRLog -- One of the most important functions for power golf is your right wrist angle at impact. It is a MUST that you hold the angle in your right wrist for as long as you can to generate maximum clubhead speed, power and distance.

Take a look at Tiger Woods who often use the Callaway x 20 golf clubs= http://www.golfdiscountsale.com/Callaway-Golf-Clubs-20  below. Notice the angle in his right wrist right at impact? I drew an orange line to show you the very distinct and obvious angle he has. Tiger has retained his golf wrist cock beautifully, which results in maximum compression on the golf ball.

If Tiger had flipped his wrists like most amateurs, you would not see that angle in his right wrist, and his left wrist would have been bent quite a bit. You would never see Tiger, nor any other pro have that position at impact. That is a hackers swing fault, and one I’ve faught my entire golf career. I’m a flipper, but am slowly retaining my right wrist much better.

For flippers like me, I have to force myself to hold that right wrist as LONG as I can when I play golf with Callaway golf x 20 iron… which feels a bit awkward, but I know it’s a swing thought that works when I do it. You might want to give it a try. It’s amazing to trust it, and see the kind of compression you can put on the ball through impact.

Tips To Retain Right Wrist Angle Through Impact:
•   Preset your right wrist (like impact) at address. This is a great drill to feel what impact should be, before you start your swing. You can do this on the range for dozens of balls, but when you play I would not recommend presetting your right wrist as it might mess with your swing and ball contact by using discount golf clubs made by Callaway.
•   Driver your right hand down. This was a great thought for me. Instead of flipping through impact, I visualized driving the back of my right wrist (and even the palm) through the ball. This helped me finally compress the golf ball and take a divot AFTER the ball, not at it, or even worse, before it, and it’s a great way to learn how to get power in your golf swing.
•   Flat left wrist. If you maintain a flat left wrist at impact, it is impossible to lose the angle in your right wrist. Sometimes golfers have a hard time thinking about their right hand, but when they think “flat left wrist” it’s easier. Visualize wearing a watch on your left wrist, and you’ve got a ruler through the band on the back of your left wrist. Don’t break the ruler!
•   Lead with butt of club through impact. This is another thought that worked well for me. Through impact, I focused on the butt of the club going through first. So that encouraged my hands to be ahead of the ball with a forward lean of the shaft, for better ball contact.
Give these tips a try if your goal is to maintain your right wrist angle at impact.

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