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Livestock are un-naturally raised and slaughtered for our food but we still eat meat. We witnessed concentration camps and vowed "never again" yet we had genocide in Darfur. Animal shelter euthanasia is epidemic and we turn a blind eye..why.
By: Paul Cola
May 29, 2010 - PRLog -- When I was in High School during the late 1960's and early 70's the Vietnam  War was raging with no end in sight. The draft was on and I didn't have any plans for college. My focus was on the evening news and the images of flagged draped coffins being carried off military planes and met by somber guards in dress uniform. Admittedly I was only worried about my fate, not realizing that my Innocence would be lost in a few days.  Later that week in 1968 a clear, black and white image met my gaze while watching Walter Cronkite. As if in slow motion I remember watching the images flicker before me, knowing what was about to happen but I couldn't turn away. On the streets of Saigon a South Vietnamese Police Chief raised a gun to the head of a Viet Cong officer and pulled the trigger killing him instantly.   The little man in a checkered shirt, with his hands tied behind his back, cringed helplessly knowing his fate. I saw this man die, in my living room, I saw a man shot in the head. No Judge, no Jury, no trial, I saw this man die. He was our enemy and no doubt killed our soldiers but now I was apart of it and I did not like it. Outraged over the war and the loss of life, human life, I vowed to be a voice to help change our society. What have I done since then, did I march, did I vote the right candidate, did I influence one person?  Sad to say I've lived my life silently while we still march to war.

You would think that we, as a world society, having a collective conscience would work together for the common good of all mankind but we don't. We, as a race, divide and conquer, place profit over humanity and exploit the weak to become rich.  I can name many instances that we all would recognize, Darfur, Yugoslavia and the Jews during W.W.II .  We don't limit our vile treatment to only humans however, our livestock are un-naturally raised and fattened by drugs, hormones and antibiotics. Slaughtered in wholesale fashion to keep up with our lustful demand for meat, all the while, we ingest the same chemicals once inflicted on the livestock.

There is an epidemic of genocide happening today that goes largely un-noticed. This wholesale killing isn't limited to a section of the Globe, over there in some hard to pronounce distant country. The euthanasia of millions of lost pets per year occur in your town, your county and with your tax dollars. According to statistics, in America alone, we kill 4 million lost pets per year in less than 5,000 Humane Shelters scattered through our country. Global estimations place the number of euthanized pets at 10 million per year.  A.S.P.C.A. Statistics show that 2% of lost cats are reunited with their owners and less than 20% of dogs. What are we as a society doing about this crime.........nothing.

I will not stand silent anymore about something I can effect. Each of you can do something to stop this epidemic forever. If traditional dog tags, micro chipping and tattooing were effective we wouldn't have this massive problem. The safeguards I listed are a bandage approach to this epidemic.  My partner and I have pioneered a revolutionary new product that is deceptively simple and effective. A red heart shaped pet tag that has a built in 10 second recorder that you record your contact information on. This tag is worn on the pets existing collar and can be played back by the individual or agency that finds your lost pet.  This 1 ounce tag also has an 8 digit identification number on it and can be referenced online at  by the finder of the lost pet. The vast majority of lost pets are found by neighbors, pet lovers and pet owners in your community. Why are we not giving those first responders easy accessible contact information so they can aid in the reuniting of the lost pet. They can't scan for a micro chip to find an owner and it is troubling to note the lack of correct information or no tags at all on lost pets. These first responders could be calling the owner of the lost pet but instead they are calling Animal Control where the lost pet will be put on death row in the local Humane Shelter.  PetVoice with it's built in recorder can easily covey the dogs name and the owners cell phone number with a push of a "play" button. The first ever online Pet Registry,  houses the pets owners name, phone number, Vet's name and phone number, color, breed, distinctive markings, health issues and special comments and instructions if needed.  A wealth of information, updated by the pet owner and accessible to anyone finding your lost pet, to aid in the reuniting of lost pet to owner.  

Many injustices may seem out of our grasp to solve as individuals but this one can be and it starts with you and the pet you love.

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PetVoice is a 2 part pet recovery system. 1st is a red heart shaped pet tag with a 10 second recorder with your contact information for playback. 2nd part is the 1st ever National Pet Registry that has your pet's info and a photo to aid in reuniting pet.
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