BP Gulf Oil Spill Call for HAZWOPER Compliant Clean-Up Workers Volunteers

The United States and Mother Nature needs your help, in any capacity. This is a cry for help, a cry for all those that can, do!
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Online OSHA Safety Training
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May 29, 2010 - PRLog -- They came in droves at first as the BP Oil Spill environmental disaster sent an initial exodus of truly-passionate individuals straight to the disaster site. What started out as a nationwide effort to bring as many hands as possible to the beleaguered Gulf Coast has leveled-off to a skeleton crew. The only way to adequately lessen the environmental devastation that is currently pumping countless gallons of oil into the Gulf Coast waters daily is to first stop the leak. Secondly there needs to be plenty more HAZWOPER safety trained and educated oil spill cleaners either on a volunteer basis or as paid workers. At this point in the catastrophe the phrase of the day is ALL HANDS ON DECK!
Badges for All BP Oil Spill Initial First Responders
The first wave of oil spill cleanup workers deserve badges for dropping whatever they were doing, leaving their places of employment, if they were/are lucky enough to be employed in this economically-challenging environment, and making a bee-line straight to the spill site. If not for those first responders that said good-bye to their families, wives, husbands and children, this oil spill would have been far-greater in the degree of sea-life killed or severely impaired.
We Need You!
The United States and Mother Nature needs your help, in any capacity. This is a cry for help, a cry for all those that can, do! We understand that personal, employment and other obligations can keep you away from the BP Oil Spill catastrophe, we really do. Yet the main issue here is that if we do not receive, and exponentially receive, hundreds if not thousands of adequately HAZWOPER trained workers and volunteers many more animals and eventually humans will perish.
Dangers of Oil Spill Cleanup Job Very Real
The dangers for being an oil spill cleanup volunteer/worker are immense. No doubt this is an area, a job, an effort that tests every single fiber in a person’s body, soul. We understand and we tip our collective hats and tip them in a hurry to all of you that will read this pleading and rush to get HAZWOPER trained and then straight to the Gulf Coast. The dangers are real and they are not to be tackled by any oil spill volunteer/worker regardless of the deep-seeded passion to assist this fragile estuary, without first being trained in HAZWOPER safety training courses.
Oil-Stained Reality
Please have a look at this very condensed version of some of the dangers that oil spill cleanup workers/volunteers face each second standing in the oiled-up Gulf waters, standing on the deck of a barge or even in a small Johnboat, skimming oil.

•   Biological (e.g., plants, animals, insects, remediation materials)
•   Drowning  
•   Noise  
•   Electricity  
•   Slips and Trips
•   Bio hazardous debris (e.g., syringes on shoreline)
•   Ergonomic Stresses (e.g., repetitive strain, low back pain)
•   Sunburn  
•   Confined Spaces  
•   Underwater Diving  
•   Falls  
•   Unguarded Equipment  
•   Cranes  
•   Fatigue
•   Vehicles (e.g., aircraft, boats, cars, trucks)
•   Cutting and Welding  
•   Fire and Explosion  
•   Degreasers  
•   Heat or Cold Stress  
•   Dispersants
Great Site to Obtain OSHA Compliant Safety Training
How can you combat the BP Gulf Oil Spill and receive only the finest most relative course enrollment information? Log onto www.onlineoshasafetytraining.com and see the course descriptions listed there. The company offers all the courses that you, the oil spill worker/volunteer, will need in order to best assist in the oil spill cleanup effort. As an extra-incentive and to further send out the urgent message that more oil spill cleaners are please use these two coupon codes and receive 10% off!!  
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•   GET10 (osha 10 and 30)
•   Hazwoper10 (all hazwoper classes)
Here is a brief sampling of the oil spill as well as other safety training courses that you can take full-advantage of at www.onlineOshaSafetyTraining.com
BP Gulf Oil Spill Classes
Hazwoper 40-Hour Course
Hazwoper 24-Hour Course
Hazwoper 1st Responder Awareness (Great for Volunteers!)
Hazwoper 1st. Responder Operations Level (Great for Volunteers!)
10/30 Hour General Industry Courses!!
Online OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Courses  
Online OSHA 30-Hour General Industry Courses  
These two safety courses are great for educating the workers/volunteers against the inherent dangers of processing and cleaning up any hazardous location especially an oil spill of this magnitude and overall devastation!
Note: Trainees must have additional hands-on training in the donning, doffing, and use of the Personal Protective Equipment required for their jobsite(s) in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.120.

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Online OSHA Safety Training is committed to provide General Industry Outreach Training Program for an individual who is seeking employment in this field. Also we provide Hazwoper safety training courses either online immediately or onsite relatively expeditiously makes Online OSHA Safety Training a beacon of light and hope in the country’s darkest hour. Please visit at http://www.onlineoshasafetytraining.com
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