PRIME PMG to introduce Business Process Mapping Service

Business Process Mapping is often avoided due to it’s time consuming, resource heavy, costly, and at times worthless nature. PRIME PMG offers expert process mapping services at a lesser cost and with a shorter delivery time for your organisation.
May 28, 2010 - PRLog -- An organisation is a collection of processes. These processes are the natural business activities you perform that produce value, serve customers and generate income. Managing these processes is the key to the success of your organisation. Process Mapping allows you to look beyond functional activities and rediscover your core processes.

A business process map defines how an organisation performs work: the steps involved and their sequence; who is responsible for each step; and how work groups interact. Business Process Mapping is a powerful technique to understand an organisations business processes and a means to help meet one or several organisational goals.

Benefits of Process Mapping
   Effective management of organisational transformation
   Business process improvement through the discovery of process inefficiencies
   Knowledge retention
   Successful systems integration
   Improved productivity
   Compliance management

Unfortunately, a large number of organisations are not set up to manage processes. Instead they manage tasks. Many organisations are organised around functions...the manufacturing department, the finance department, the sales department, the corporate services department etc.

In addition, many organisations tend to avoid this critical component as it can be very time consuming, resource heavy, costly and at times worthless if it takes too long. Properly used, process maps can change your entire approach to process improvement and business management and greatly reduce the cost of your operations by eliminating as much as 50% of the steps in most processes as well as the root causes of systemic quality problems.

PRIME PMG’s Process Mapping service delivers high quality process maps, accurately reflecting the activities within your organisation. This solution is offered at a lesser cost than in house development and with a shorter delivery time, hence enabling the organisation to focus on achieving the above key objectives. PRIME PMG provides a faster, better and cheaper process mapping solution to your organisation:

PRIME PMG's Process Mapping Outsourcing:
Faster delivery
Reduced costs
Expert involvement
No recruitment costs
No administrative costs
Consistency amongst all process maps
Ability to achieve organisational objectives faster

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