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Weybridge, Surrey, 27/05/2010. GoogleWords; the Surrey based Independent Web Consultancy, reports that “The sad fact of life is that the clients who obviously need you the most don't even know they need you"
By: Nigel Stride
May 27, 2010 - PRLog -- Not that it is surprising, but the average small business client doesn't really know what has to go on behind the scenes of a website to make it visible to their target clients. The general feeling is that, just because it's there and they can see it, everyone else must be able to see it too!

Most small businessmen understand their own business but, even if they have an existing website, most can't really be expected to have even thought about what is actually involved in attracting visitors to it.

According to Nigel Stride from GoogleWords, “The sad fact of life is that the clients who obviously need you the most do not even know they need you. So many times I've seen websites that look great but a quick look behind the scenes gives you a clear indication that it was designed by someone who had not given the slightest thought to attracting new visitors to the site”.

Everyone understands that good copy, content and style are very important. It gives the website the right look and feel. The problem is that nobody will ever see it!  

So, how do you make it easy for potential new clients to find your site when they don't even know they are looking for it?

According to Nigel Stride at GoogleWords, “Clients are not looking for you, they're looking for something. Actually, they are searching for something. Where do they search? Answer - Search Engines, Directories and Articles. What are they searching for? Answer - Things or information they want”.

GoogleWords help their clients find the best ways of presenting what they have to offer and getting their website found on the web. Once companies understand that this doesn't happen by accident then they are more than half way to understanding what internet search engine marketing is all about.

The jargon of Web marketing can be very off-putting but GoogleWords give a couple of examples of what can be achieved in their "Ranking Reports" for specific clients. Both clients started off not showing up in any searches. Choosing carefully selected "local keywords" can be very cost effective and work wonders for a local business. Most don't want enquiries from too far away if they supply the services locally so they also serve the purpose of filtering out unwanted enquiries from distant places. Visit http://www.googlewords.co.uk/index-1.html

The subject of getting ranked for the chosen keywords by the search engines is more an art than a science but let’s just say that the behind the scenes work is what makes the difference and things need to be tweaked constantly.

The problem, as this article might suggest, is that most small businesses don't even know that they don't know this.

Who was it who one said you can plan for what you know you don't know but you can't plan for what you don't know you don't know

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