Prostate enlargement Treatment Reduces Swelling of Prostate & Symptoms, Fine Treatment Reveals

New prostate enlargement treatment, tackles the cause of this stressful for men disorder, eases its symptoms naturally. This prostate enlargement treatment is available worldwide.
May 23, 2010 - PRLog -- A prostate enlargement treatment enabled by a unique Thermobalancing Therapy should be used even if men only experience mild symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. An enlarged prostate influences everyday man’s life by decreasing his sexual activity. A new therapy is directed to ease symptoms of enlarged prostate and shrink the prostate naturally.

Dr Allen’s Device for the prostate enlargement treatment

# Reduces swelling of the prostate gland and symptoms, without resorting to medication;
# Provides essential treatment for the cause of a prostate enlargement;
# Cleans a prostate gland.

On the picture you can see that the natural thermoelement of Dr Allen’s Device for Prostate Care is very close to the prostate gland and thus this treatment reaches the prostate tissue easily.

A new device for prostate enlargement treatment is comfortable to wear and will not affect your day-to-day activities. See the Fine Treatment website for more information:

Existing conservative treatments for prostate enlargement can harm

Basically there are two different types of drugs commonly used to treat a prostate enlargement: Alpha blockers and 5 alpha reductase inhibitors. Common adverse drug reactions include impotence, decreased libido, and decreased ejaculate volume and others.

Surgical operations are risky because of possible infection. Moreover urinary incontinence is a shocking complication that can occur. Though it is reported that 80% of patients experience improvement of the enlarged prostate symptoms after the TURP surgery, they can experience problems with sexual function later. Some patients require a repeated TURP within 5 years of their first surgery.

About the Thermobalancing Therapy

A new kind of Thermobalancing therapy is not similar to heating treatments which have been used for many years. You should know that treatments with impulsive heat can be damaging:

1.   The high temperatures destroy cells of the already stressed organ. For instance, temperatures above 40C can result in death of the living organism.

2.   The chilly temperatures decrease cellular metabolism and, therefore, interfere with natural replenishment and healing.

The Thermobalancing Therapy is effective to prostate enlargement

Totally new prostate enlargement treatment offered by Fine Treatment cannot be compared with techniques used by conventional medicine, because it treats the cause of the prostate enlargement and has no any adverse side effects.

Dr Allen’s Device for the prostate enlargement treatment creates an ideal environment for the capillaries to stabilise the body temperature in prostate tissue that lessens pressure inside the prostate gland, improving the blood flow which cleans the prostate tissue and supplies it with required nutrients, thus helping the prostate gland to recover reducing the symptoms. Thus, this treatment decreases swelling of the prostate effectively. The sooner a patient starts to use this affordable for everyone natural therapy the better his chance for the recovery from the prostate enlargement.

“This effective treatment simple reduces the swelling of the prostate as it tackles the cause of the prostate enlargement”, highlights Dr Simon Allen.

Contact Fine Treatment:
PO Box 37853, London SE23 2YN, United Kingdom

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Revolutionary Dr Allen’s Devices treat different internal health conditions when they are applied to the skin in the projection of the affected area and provide a long-term treatment for the cause of pain and the disorder, not just its symptoms.
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