Cheap AIDS-cure, And The Holy Holes In The Books!

The hair around the hairy hole is often a mustache under the white judge's wig! AIDS has been over with tannic acid molasses! Ahhh, so keep suckin' dark sweets! - by Sanga Sinouoa
By: Sanga Sinouoa
May 22, 2010 - PRLog -- The same book that CARRY NATION once used to keep America free of sex, is the same book a Jewish MADONNA uses to go women's lib in Africa. - As long as the Jewish marm keeps her sons tightly clenched to her incesting titts, a Jewish girl will try to keep it all in her hole, and keep on loosing it. Gay white bankers kiss MADONNS's arse and still don't get off in freedom. AIDS was their own biblical game!

Now that EU-67 laws are  suffering a terrible blow and AIDS is officially over, and Western media is pissing before the Stunny Pharouk story, he didn't make up! This prompted yellow me and a couple of my Asian colleagues, - you know – the ones with the buckteeth and the sly slitty eyes, Hollywood doesn't like putting in leading roles –  to enter an old Japanese movie vault in Hong-Kong to watch some old colonial movies we'd discovered hanging over from the British times. - Movies full of White double-chinned gloats, burps and bloop-poops in borrowed cushions,  - movies about vaccinations in Togo, movies about American soldiers denying they'd gang-raped Asian silk dolls...etc...for the diddy glory-days of David and the hetero Yahweh.

Given the old age of those dreadful films, they were in very good shape, thanks to impeccable Japanese order, and the good quality celluloid we exported to Hollywood and England's Pinewood Studios all the while. Some of them even had sound....- In Black n' White, no less..uhum...well, ...lots and LOTS of nasty movies about AFRICANS, as usual ( - the main Jewish target)...and then a few disparaging ones about the Ainu tribe of Japan, - all because of the kinky hair found on some Chinese islanders..etc...etc...I tell ya! (cough!). While studying the embarrassing movies, our Japanese colleagues were debating about the fame-addiction and sex-phobic social behavior so obsessive in white civilization, and began to realize an amusing pattern coming right through: Whites recorded their drive for weaponry and incest on “movie”, and were driven to create recording devices, they used primarily to memorize their innocent enemies, whom they still seek to kill and forget. When last have you seen a Western movie in which a gay White actor efffs a Jap, and the film  hail a mixed brat coming forth and going off into the sunset? - not a ghost of a chance, because the white twatt didn't feel izzz' proper, or we'd all be doing Black - and going back, someday! When I saw TOM CRUISE playing the last Samurai as a Scientologist, - we Asians left the cinema, en mass puking!

ASIANS do think differently. We ask you: WHY keep a trophy of something you envy, copy, need for sex and slave labor, and disband in an inferiority complex? Madonna hates Stunny's ability to say the things she wished he wouldn't, if she holds a Jewish book in hand! God slapped her pious puss and her shrinking ass! You see; we ancient Asians always have had love-districts dedicated to privy and sexual ploy, and the classic Geisha was often a man, and we honored it! And minding sexual positions; we even had coital chairs made of rice-plastics and if ya thought yaw'll had tha hotts above us, - don't brag, but gag on your own dick! We slept on SILK and India sexed in TEMPLES to the sound of the tabla, as you just didn't dance!

Ahhm; - one role of toilet paper was introduced to Europe when MARCO POLO left Shanghai, and the French were the first to take on a clean habit in the catholic realmmmm. - The English followed suit ...and well - uggh Germans were late as ever. The first condoms imported to Spain, were made of balatta rubber, came from Mauritanian MALI...and sex has never been the same since. On seeing thizzz, the catholic church just had to get even on Africans for showing incest another decidedly black loop-hole, whilst the average catholic woman had 15 kids on Malta. Condoms allowed a devout albino to sex a naked Boomba and not suffer the dire religious curses of having mixed offspring. But eureka!; - the silicon sex-glide was self-introduced, and it exploded somewhere loudly in the huge white anal region, - it caused HIV in White men in California first, - and since been inserted into every crevice and body-opening they could find in the world, for the nuisance of fame on a hiding lesbian in racist shame doctrines.

Whereas Europeans spend lots of time in hiding just to think about “thinking power”, and insist on the need to be filmed while doing so, - Asians actually do think, - but its the Black person who comes to a simple logical conclusion. - Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann explains why: “People of color tend to be more down to EARTH. We tend to-to-to level with yaw...we tend to-to-to know how to get down dirty,- and historically always clean-up after whites! - It sucks, I know, - but hitting below the belt always has sexual power! We red communists enjoy the secret earthquake position we have in every city of the world, where we boom da Black ass! You gotta rule da fool from da tool! - Dat' a-cool!”. - So much for tha “zippy rainbow-fly”!!!

Now go find find a blanched-out straight-haired copy of Stunny Pharouk to jerk it...and induce vomiting in India! - Stunny knows he is hitting the dragon's wobbling head, - and WHY!...and he didn't need the demented dull audience they crave en mass for attention. People who habitually drink Molasses do think loftier thoughts, than to constantly drill a dutch.- Amen! Fame is a Jewish craving, - not an African one. The heavy baroc arse was quite rotund, yu knoeww! So what's fame to you? - Big, blonded, brash and bragging? - or thin, swarthy, silent, and sexually smart! We were VEGAN first! - Never be boring to the people you force to watch. You may not have noticed it; but there's very holy shittt in your very lofty face, - talkin' like Black shittt wouldn't! GOD made guuuud old shittt!...He made you film it, - when you most scorned it!


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