PX3 Acquires Patented Technology

PX3 is the leader in Thermal Cycling, and provider of brake drums for school buses, garbage trucks and rotors for police cars and cabs
May 21, 2010 - PRLog -- PerformanceX3 announced today that it will be protecting and enforcing its patent rights against any competitor using any process that violates claims in its U.S. Patent Number 7,464,593 entitled Metallurgic Treatment and Verification System. The process is sometimes called “thermal cycling.”

In December 2006, the inventor, assigned a U.S. patent application and all continuations therefrom that includes the ‘593 patent and another pending application. As the inventor did not disclose the existence of the patent and application to the assignees, the assignees, key principals of Performance X3, have recently asserted their ownership rights. Thus, neither inventor nor any company associated with him, including Thermal Technology Services, Inc., have any ownership rights whatsoever or licensing rights.

“We are very excited about our ownership of this patent and patent application,” says Performance X3 president Mike Tardif. “This will be a fine compliment to the technology we already use.  We now believe we own the two best processes in the market place to treat all types of metal parts increasing durability and preventing premature corrosion.”

Says Tardif, “We feel there is no one in the brake rotor or brake drum market that can achieve better longevity and short stopping distances than PX3 can.”

Tardif said the processes used optimize the alignment of the atomic structure, essentially restructuring the grain in the brakes. This makes for a better part, reducing micro-cracks and micro-fissures, thus, reducing the heat build-up in a metal parts. As is commonly known, if one can reduce heat in any metal wear application, the life of a metal wear part is greatly increased.  A thermal cycled brake will have a longer life expectancy by as much as 2 – 3 times, depending on the driver and route.

“PX3 is fast becoming the leader in thermal cycling and processing of metals to include bus, transit and garbage truck drums, engine components, and electrical components,” Tardif said.  “The good part for us,” he said, “is that the sky is the limit.  Customers’ vehicles will be safer and require less maintenance costs in both labor and parts. Everyone wins.”

For information about PX3 and its ownership of this intellectual property, please contact 813-300-3753

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PerformanceX3 a metal processing company specializing in the extended life of brake rotors and brakes drums, used by law enforcement and county schools.

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