What are man-made woods?

The increasing demand for shelter and furniture materials have resulted in a rise in the price of solid and quality wood that is usually preferred by woodworkers particularly for use in furniture making.
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May 21, 2010 - PRLog -- The excesive use of solid and quality has forced those in the woodworking industry to look for alternative sources of wooden products.

Xaviera Arata Editor of the  Cheap Woodworking Tools  website -- http://www.CheapWoodworkingTools.net -- pointed out;

“…One of the top alternatives to real and solid wood is what they call processed wood resulting in mad-made wood.  Majority of the mass produced furniture today are made of man made wood or what they call sheet materials…” Added Xaviera Arata

These types of materials are made form real wood although they aren't as solid as the original wood from which it was made.

Furniture manufacturers now prefer man-made wood as their top material from mass produced furniture not only because it can be easily sourced and produced but it is also cheaper than real wood.  Sheets or man-made woods are also sturdier as they don't easily distort out of shape, making them ideal for the mass production of furniture and other items.

Man-made boards are of different kinds and the most common sheet is the medium density fiber board or the MDF.  This type of sheet is made of sawdust combined with glue and then formed into sheets. This sheet is preferred by woodworkers because it is inexpensive, versatile and very decorative depending on the maker.  

Particle board or chipboard is a man-made wood that is processed just like the MDF although its texture is much rougher. It isn't suitable for outside use because it absorbs water like a sponge and it easily breaks down.

Another common type of man-made wood is plywood which is made up of different layers of wood that has been coated together into a sheet.  Plywood is very popular because of its many uses including furniture, homes and even boats.  Almost all construction uses plywood, which is a mixture of softwood and hardwood veneer.

The oriented standard board is used both in the construction industry and the shipping industry because of its ability to withstand weather changes. Rigid boats used in kayaking are made of several layers of this type of sheet.

People used to prefer hard wood for their home constructions like flooring and walling.  Usually, the accompanying furniture and cabinets are also made of hard wood.  However, the decline in the production of quality hardwood due to high demand has turned the attention of woodworkers and even homeowners to other choices of materials like man-made wood or sheets.

Today, more homeowners and woodworkers are looking at the possibility of using man-made wood for their furniture, cabinets and other home accessories.  Aside form being very affordable, the use of man-made wood is also a means of sustaining the forests.

Woodworkers are also using man-made wood for their projects because the material can be easily manipulated and decorated. It can be classy once veneered. It is also studier and lighter compared to real wood which is heavy.

“…If you were made to choose between a cabinet made of hard wood which would require several people to transfer from one location another, and a cabinet made of man-made wood which is cheaper and can be pushed around even by one person, what would be your choice?…” Added Xaviera Arata

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