Kingston Neighborhood Watch Sets Date for Community Safety Walk

With the recent gang arrests in Newburg, many citizens of Kingston NY fear gangs and crime will move to Kingston. A strong showing on concerned citizens plan for a Community Safe Walk to show the strength of the Kingston Neighborhood Watch.
May 19, 2010 - PRLog -- Strong Kingston Turnout Needed for Proactive Gang Related Crime Prevention
Kingston, New York - During their second successful Kingston Neighborhood Watch meeting held Tuesday May 18th at Kingston City Hall, local community activist decided on the date for their first real act of public visibility. With a show of hands, Thursday May 27th was set for the first Community Safe Walk.

Visible Community Strength as a Neighborhood Crime Deterrent

An effective tool for Neighborhood Watch programs, Community Safe Walks are perfect examples of modified citizen patrols. Citizen patrol volunteers walk an area on a regular basis to report incidents and problems to the police and provide a visible presence that deters criminal activity. Neighbors on Community Safe Walks have no policing powers, carry no weapons, are non confrontational, and always coordinate activities with law enforcement. Cameras or video equipment may be used to record suspicious activity.

Show the Neighborhood Watch Numbers

With the recent gang related arrests in the nearby city of Newburg, many fear that additional crimes related to gang activity will move north to Kingston. A strong showing on concerned citizens who are ready, organized, aware and willing to be counted can prove to have real preventative measure on gang movement.

"We have to be prepared," says Neighborhood Watch Founder and President, Michael D'Arcy, "I have been saying for months, there is so much going on in Newburg with gangs. We are foolish to think that it won't affect Kingston."

In addition,  the Kingston Neighborhood Watch hopes positive community cohesiveness is an additional benefit of the first walk.

Encourage Community Membership

Encourage to wear their super bright neon Watch t-shirts, Watch members believe that the Community Safe Walk will be a great way to promote the existence of the Watch to other Kingston citizens who might not be aware of its formation.

"We realize that not everyone has easy access to the internet, so this gives us a chance to get out and meet potential new members." states Vice President John Dowley.
Crime Prevention Safe Walk Planned

Agreeing to meet on the auditorium steps of the George Washington Elementary School at 7:00 pm on Thursday May 27th, members all went over the basic rules of their Neighborhood Walks.

•   Proper communication to law enforcement and have their support;
•   Works in Neighborhood Watch teams across blocks and Wards supporting Citywide efforts.
•   Wear identifying clothing -t-shirts, caps, etc clearly identifying Neighborhood Walks as Kingston Neighborhood Watch activities.
•   Never carries weapons of any kind - e.g. guns, black jack, mace, baseball bat, or knives;
•   Kingston Neighborhood Watch Walks will never challenge anyone or endanger the members or other residents in any way.
•   Kingston Neighborhood Watch will always carry a pad and pencil, a camera either video or still, and a flashlight if it is dark;
•   Kingston Neighborhood Watch Walks will always be courteous and helpful to residents of the area being patrolled: including cleaning up trash and garbage and identifying neighbors at risk .
•   Someone on each walk will keep Neighborhood Walk logs and files any necessary reports with the local law enforcement agency and their Ward Stewards.
•   Neighborhood Walks will always have a fully charged cell phone on at least 3 working people in each group.
•   Neighborhood Walks will never be in groups less than four persons

Members were also in agreement on the tentatively planned route.  Walking from George Washington School, down Henry Street though Midtown to Broadway , the Community Safe Walk will then swing back though Franklin Street on the return.

Members are encourage to help spread the word about the Community Safe Walk. The flyer, along with all the literature, can be downloaded on the Kingston Neighborhood Watch website so they can pass them out in their own local neighborhoods. In addition, kids, pets, friends and neighbors are encouraged to invited to join on bikes, skateboards, scooters, etc.

Says Mike D'Arcy, "It's going to be a fun night. We expect to have a great walk!"

For more information about how to join your neighbors in the Kingston Community Safe Walk or to be a Kingston Neighborhood Watch member, go to the website or find them on Facebook at
The Kingston NY Neighborhood Watch can also be contact at 845 339 2640 or at

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Kingston NY Neighborhood Watch; grassroots local community activism providing safety & crime prevention on our city streets. A group of good people banding together to keep bad things from happening.
The more eyes watching, the safer we all are.
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