Understanding Woodworking Tools and Their Uses

Woodworking can be lucrative as well as an artistic activity as long as you have the proper tools.
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May 20, 2010 - PRLog -- Since most of the processes would require a hands-on job, it is important that you have good and reliable woodworking tools to get the job done well.

Xaviera Arata Editor of the  Cheap Woodworking Tools  website -- http://www.CheapWoodworkingTools.net -- pointed out;

“…There are many kinds of tools that can be used for woodworking. Usually, they are categorized according to their characteristics or classified according to their uses…” Added Xaviera Arata

Tools for Marking and Measuring

1. Protractors are used when constructing angles. Degrees are the measurements developed. They come in circle and a semicircle shapes.

2. Measuring tapes come in rolls of metal, plastic and cloth, which make them very flexible and handy. It can measure “hectometer” and can also be used around corners and curves. These are usually used by tailors, construction workers, and carpenters.

3. Rulers come in metal, wood and plastic and are used in measuring length and drawing straight lines.

4. Combination squares measure both acute angles and right angles. It is also used to determine flatness, a dowel or the center of circular bars.

Tools for Cutting

1. Hand saw

As its name suggests, a hand saw can be operated manually. Some of the best examples are keyhole saws, bow saws, coping saws, and crosscut saws.

2. Power saw

These are motorized or electronically power-driven woodwork cutting tools. Some of the power saws are the circular saw, band saw, jigsaw, table saw, miter saw, and radial arm saw.

Tools for Shaping

1. Router is used to hollow out an area of a wood.

2. Chisel has a cutting edge; and is used for both cutting and carving.

3. Drill is used to pierce holes.

Assembly Tools

1. Screw driver is designed specifically to insert and remove, tighten and loosen and screws.

2. Hammer is used to break objects up, drive nails and fit parts.

Tool for Finishing

1. Sand paper helps smoothen a material or make it even rougher.

2. Brushes have many shapes and sizes. They are used in finishing surfaces, painting, and cleaning.

Furniture and Accessory Tool

1. Workbench is an elevated table where one usually does the woodworking project.

2. Sawhorse is a “four-legged” platform usually used when working with big chunks of wood. This is because of the support it provides.

“…Wood was one of the first materials that primitive humans used. As of today, the use and design of woods are developed in a variety of ways. The tools are readily made available anywhere, so it is up to you and your creative mind to design it…” Added Xaviera Arata  

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