The ‘Power of the Third Influence’ Can Change Your Life & Help You Achieve Your Internet Dreams

WHITNEY, TEXAS – Stephen Pierce’s Internet success story is unlike any others that you have heard. He shares how the ‘Power of the Third Influence’ transformed his life and allowed him to achieve his internet dreams.
By: Judy Conway
May 19, 2010 - PRLog -- Today, Pierce is the head of a multi-million dollar Internet empire but it wasn’t that long ago that Pierce was homeless.

How Pierce transformed his life and achieved the success of his dreams, as well as how others can do it, too, is the subject of a new audio program Pierce has created entitled “Secrets of Creating Wealth.”

“This program reveals wealth creation secrets that work,” Pierce said. “I know because I used them myself. Now anybody can learn how to program their life for success, convert their dreams to reality, eliminate the factors that are holding them back and start accumulating real wealth.”

Among the secrets revealed in the program is the “Power of the Third Influence,” a personal success discovery that Pierce made a few years ago.

“The ‘Power of Third Influence’ is profound and impactful,” Pierce said. “It helps you to understand that you can accelerate changes that you need to make and put yourself onto the right path toward the goals that you want to accomplish.”

Other things revealed in the program, which is composed of 16 audios and a workbook, are:

•   Why the Power of the Third Influence is the single most important indicator of success
•   A simple way to eliminate failure thinking
•   The real secrets for making mind-boggling amounts of money and achieving your dreams
•   Why people are programmed for failure and how to overcome that programming
•   The single most important thing a person must do before they go out and purchase a single self-help book or audio set and why it’s important
•   How to find out what you really, really want
•   And more

To learn more about Stephen Pierce or his Secrets of Creating Wealth Program, please visit today.


Stephen Pierce’s life is a modern day fairy tale. He literally went from being kicked out of school, then left homeless…cast out on the mean streets of Washington, D.C. where he was actually shot in the leg to heading up a family business empire that includes numerous highly-profitable online and offline businesses. Today, Mr. Pierce, who is the author of the popular book, “Make Real Money on The Internet” is well-known as one of the powerhouses of the Internet and likes to spend his time teaching others how to replicate his success.

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MRMI (Make Real Money on the Internet) provides you with step-by-step training to help you do just that ... MAKE MONEY! Stephen Pierce is a master in putting all your need together and sharing it with you to help you achieve success.
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