Metal Detecting in the Woods

You have done it at beaches, parks and playgrounds, riverbanks, schools, long stretches of fields, and even at your own backyard.
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May 19, 2010 - PRLog -- But as an avid metal detector fan, you are constantly looking for new places to look for hidden treasures and valuables. Then why not try going metal detecting in the woods? It will definitely spell new adventures and unique finds, if you're patient enough, and if you look hard enough.

Xaviera Arata Editor of the  Metal Detectors For Sale  website -- -- pointed out;

“…When metal detecting in the woods, some of its key aspects; i.e. where there is a bigger chance of finding valuables include new paths as well as old, overgrown ones, hiking trails, old wagon trails, old cellar holes, and foundations. You should look out for these and begin your search there…” Added Xaviera Arata

In the olden days, paths were made in the woods and which people used as shortcuts. In their long walks people may have sat on the roadside to rest or take a break. They would pull out a hanky from their pockets to wipe their face, and in the process loose change would fall out. Kids would be playing and running along, not realizing their coins had fallen, never to be found for years and years to come. Old stone foundations and old stone chimneys found in the woods, which are the remnants of houses, are also rare but great places to go metal detecting. Here you can chance upon rare gold coins or even jars of silver which the families that used to live there hid for safekeeping.

To learn about old paths and the remaining foundations of stone houses, do some research by looking through old maps and postcards. Or better yet, do some investigating by interviewing the "old folks" of the nearest town. Not only will you get some precious information for metal detecting, you'll get a first-hand history lesson too!  

When going metal detecting in the woods, you stand a good chance of finding coins, bottles, and different kinds of relics, depending on the location of the woods.  

When metal detecting at any type of location, it is always important to get the permission of whoever owns the property you are planning to do your metal detecting on.

“…So do not run the risk of being caught trespassing by researching the spots you plan to go metal detecting and finding out if they are privately owned. You must also take note of the rules and regulations of some locations…” Added Xaviera Arata  

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