Magic: The Science of Illusion

Magic has been connected to mystery and things that cannot be explained by science. But, during the recent years, there has been in-depth studies focused to magic.
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May 19, 2010 - PRLog -- Now, magic is known to be the science of illusion. More than that, magic is also an art based on science and techniques but also has a lot of ilusion.

Xaviera Arata Editor of the  Magic Tricks For Beginners  website -- -- pointed out;

“…In fields of sciences like psychiatry, illusion is said to be a distortion of sensory perception. But no matter how negative this may sound, magic has entertained people based on illusion…” Added Xaviera Arata

This gives the impression that something impossible has occurred. Magic tricks are based on scientific principles but people do not seem to connect magic and science.

Different illusions are being used in magic and there are seven types of them.

-Production. These are magic tricks out of thin air. Producing something out of nothing. Tricks like these include appearing acts – rabbit coming out of an empty hat, coins from an empty pocket and the magician or an assistant appearing through a puff of smoke on an empty stage.

-Vanish. Tricks from this category are those disappearing acts like coins disappearing, a dove vanishing out of thin air by a clap of hand and stuffs inside silks into the hands of the magician but when opened revealed nothing. This category is the total opposite of production. The similar tricks are used but done in reverse.

-Transformation. As the word suggest, the tricks in this category involve those which transform anything to another form – chicken to an eagle, fire into a rabbit or a broom into a woman.

-Restoration. Magic tricks using this illusion is meant to restore something to the state it was once before like a cut rope into three parts back into one or cards cut into fourths and back to one.

-Teleportation. This illusion is meant to transfer things to another place. These are the classic tricks that truly amaze people like uncovered cages with one person each and they magically exchange places in a few seconds. This is what is known as double teleportation.

-Levitation.  The trick involves lifting objects, animals and even people into air by using trance.

-Penetration. Tricks in this category involve the passing through of objects through a solid wall. One important thing in maintaining the illusion in magic tricks is the secrecy of the magician. The magician should maintain this secrecy in order to be respected and treated with credibility by other magicians. The only exception is when a magician shares the secrets of the trade with someone who is a serious student of magic.

“…Remember, you are “killing” the magic by telling the secrets of your tricks to others and reducing them to mere intellectual riddles and puzzles…” Added Xaviera Arata

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