Savannah Cats, Worlds Largest Domestic Cat

Taking the world breath away is new breed called the savannah cats. Never before has such an experimental and large cat breed been produce with such family friendly dispositions. Currently they hold the world record for tallest cat.
F1 Savannah Cats for sale by F1Hybrids Cattery
F1 Savannah Cats for sale by F1Hybrids Cattery
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May 14, 2010 - PRLog -- "Is that an exotic leopard in your living room? I can't believe that could actually be a domestic cat!"

The savannah cat is sky rocketing cat breeds to new heights. Savannah cats are an exotic looking domestic cat breed with thick black spots, jet black tear drops that flow to there even darker noses.  Known worldwide for being one of the largest domestic cat breeds. Savannah cats resemble a cheetah or leopard but are actually  produced through selective breeding with the African serval cat.  Savannah cats are most well know for there wonderful characteristics such as walking on a leash, easy to train, family friendly, dog like personality, play fetch like a dog and like water!

Savannah cats were originally a cross between an African Serval Cat to a domestic cat. Now breeders are using Savannah cats and breeding back to a African Serval cat in order to  capture the exotic look in lower generations. It was thought that an African Serval cat would never breed with a domestic cat. Luckily although its extremely hard to do it is possible.  F1 Savannah cats are one of the hardest cats in the world to produce.  The first documented Savannah Cat was produced by Jude Frank in 1986. That Savannah cat was named “Savannah”, who was a cross between a Siamese Cat and Pure exotic African Serval cat.

It was not till 1996, Ten years after the first Savannah cat was produced, that Patrick Kelley and Joyce Sroufe wrote the original version of the Savannah Cat Breed Standard which was then presented to the board of the International Cat Association (TICA).

It took five years till the Savannah Cat Breed was accepted for registration with TICA. Since then many of the earlier Domestic Cats that where once used to start the foundation of the Savannah Cat breed have been labeled as Non-permissible. Such breeds are Bengal cats. Bengal Cat are a cross between another Exotic cat to a domestic cat. The body shape of the Bengal is completely contradictory to what needs to be produce to further the Savannah Cat breed.  

Obviously using a regular old barn cat is not going to enhance the Savannah Cat breed. So in order to move forward in a progressive manner breeders now focus on using Savannah Cats and breeding back to an African Serval cat. This results in higher percentage F1 Savannah cats.

Why produce higher percentage cats? Its actually very simple. Every  “Purebred cat” that exists was formed by select breeding to produce a certain outcome. To get a certain outcome you must increase your odds of reaching your goal.

If you remember back when you were in science class your teacher may have referred to marbles to explain genetics. Well each cat brings a new set of “marbles” or “genetics”  to the table. With each new set you never know the outcome.

This is why its so important to breed back to the pure exotic! Every time you breed back you chances of retaining the exotic look grows higher.  Eventually you can have an F5 savannah that looks like an F3 savannah and so on. Visit our website for more information! All photos and information are property of F1hybrids Cattery.

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F1Hybrids Cattery is a Kentucky registered Cattery that specializes in the savannah cat, Bengal cat and serval cat breeds. Our main goal is to promote the development and preservation of all feline breeds.

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