Newer Truer Juliet Rescues Romeo---Author Gary Beers

Fairytales Do Come True? Newer Truer Juliet of the North East Rescues Author & Playwright Gary Beers
Author, Plkaywright Gary Beers
Author, Plkaywright Gary Beers
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New York City - New York - US

May 14, 2010 - PRLog -- They have been making headlines around the U.S., and, as a matter of fact, around the world---Author & playwright Gary Beers of new York, who is said to reside either in Pennsylvania or Maryland, made it his business to visit our very new "Newer Truer Juliet," who many now refer to her as Christine or Chris of Pennsylvania---this past Monday night of this month of May, Gary Beers made it his undying goal to visit her no matter how deep oceans or mountains may reign, it was his love and determination, as was seen later of our newer Truer Juliet of the unwavering love she has for our Romeo, Gary Beers: “Is one alive and well and not too exceedingly lacking ever in a love so precious to either of these two romantically involved duet-love birds.  
   Said was an ordeal of Beers frantically trying to make an arranged meeting at a local pub named "Bailey's" to join his love “Newer Truer Juliet;” she wanted him to meet her closest friends for the first time, and as an older gentleman drove Beers to his Pennsylvania destination to be with his New Truer Juliet, now certainly named Christine, Christina or Chris---afraid to let her down---it was reported of his wallet and credit cards being thrown into a rive miles from his destination by the jealous senior citizen who hemmed and hawed the entire way and drove 35 MPH on the parkway to Gary Beers destination where he was to meet his Love.
   Gary Beers brought with him a very attractive and loving-like gifts for our Newer Truer Juliet consisting of "Two dozen Sterling Roses, a Gary Bear plush toy, exquisite and luscious chocolates of European Decent, a gift bath and body basket adorned with Beers‘ love and kindness, and jewelry consisting further of white gold-diamond earrings and a diamond necklace designed of dolphins in which reported to be a favorite animal of Newer Truer Juliet.
   Upon learning of the ghentle intimacy shared between Beers and Juliet, the elderly man hurried away as Beers and Juliet kissed passionately.  
       As Beers gently touched the soft and luscious lips of Juliet at the Bailey's Bar & Grill while intimately close and watching a hockey game and eating ribs and wings in Pennsylvania, the elderly fan ran astray into the night like a psychotic patient escaping from a local mental health facility.
       Gary Beers and the Newer Truer Juliet are said to enjoy eating messy food, Beers having a beer for the first time in two years was nice to see him relax for a change, but Gary Beers admitted to “loving pink champagne…”
       It was reported that Gary Beers revealed his love of “Trident” bubblegum, spearmint, particulary to be his favorite tasting gum---while said he romantically chewed on several pieces at a time with our Newer Truer Juliet---and as they kissed passionately---they exchanged their very pieces of gum to each other, to some "erotically enticing!"  The elderly man was entrusted to bring Beers from an unknown location to the bar, one who has been referred to as “Elmer Rabin” of a Pennsylvania Limozine Car Service. On this very late night of the cold and dark-morning hours, Beers romantically ends up cuddled with Juliet in her SUV while the cold air outside lurked rampedley around the car.  Said was Beers keeping his Juliet warm by wrapping his arms around her as she refused his coat, and him using his very large and sedating hands to cover her ears to keep her warm.
       Her dog, Cinnamon, a 85-pound-female, Golden Retriever was introduced to Gary Beers.  It was reported of Cinnamon, lovingly welcoming Gary Beers into her home shared with our Juliet.  Gary Beers is said to love all animals with an unusual-extremeness of affection and sound and lasting love as seen of children who love animals!
   Gary Beers sadly did not want to admit to our Juliet of him being stripped of all his cash and credits cards, leaving him stranded and not able to take his Juliet to a hotel.    
       Newer Truer Juliet got up---went and drove her Romeo to a local Days Inn and signed him in to a warm room where his heart had been shattered by thoughts of what his Juliet would think as she paid the next three days and four nights to nurse Romeo Gary beers to health.
       She fell helpless to him as he acquired a broken-heart leading to a migraine headache, the chills, and sweats; and as he cried for her through text messaging as his phone was dying and he had not the recharger with him---she lovingly appeared with aspirin, her Gary Bear given to her of Gary Beers, a warm cashmere PumpKinRoo blanket---said to be his favorite with his favorite hot cocoa made of Irish & German cocoa beans with her very soft and contagious kiss from her beautiful face. She ran a hot tub for Beers. She nursed our Romeo to health with a heavenly love found only of angels whose flight to Heaven are solely of true love!  
   He had mentioned to her of his very sadness of wanting to make it to her no matter what---he said too even if it meant dying to get to her he was going to make it to her; his “eternal love,” his best friend who he knows is true…!
   She amazingly went to work the three jobs she shifts from one to the other everyday; during times off she nursed and cared for Romeo who is our very handsome and lovingly-addicted, Romeo of the North East to our Newer Truer Juliet: "Author & Playwright Gary Beers is said to desire a life and eternal life with our Newer Truer Juliet!"  
   Juliet reported to her best friend, who chose to be called Jenny, drove Gary Beers upon his recovery to his home some 150 miles away.

# # #

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