BDRC Starts GENETIC COMPATIBILITY DNA TEST For Couples; Useful Science To Stop increasing Divorces

BDRC starts genetic compatibility DNA Test for the couples who plan to marry. The test is very powerful and it reports the chances of successfull pregnancy and other important compatibility issues which is necessary for an easy going married life.
By: PR Team, BioAxis DNA Research Centre
BDRC Genetic compatibility test
BDRC Genetic compatibility test
May 13, 2010 - PRLog -- Are you planning to marry and confused whom to choose? Do you want to know the percentage compatibility of yours to your male/female counterpart? Are you eager to know that what are the chances for successful pregnancy if you marry a specific girl? Are you worried thinking about understanding problems with your male/female counterpart after marriage? Now you can know the answer of all these questions by undergoing a genetic compatibility DNA test with BioAxis DNA Research Centre private limited, which gives you the scientific and reliable results.  BDRC is one of the largest private and legal DNA Testing providers in the country and this is another major boon by Biotechnology Research to the general Human being. At the launch of this test the company sources pointed that BDRC has always aimed to bring science to every common man so that one can utilize it in general day to day life and get the benefits, this is one of the big steps towards that. Company promises that DNA testing for genetic compatibility will increase the number of successful marriages in India. It is quite an evident fact proved by several biological experiments and publications that biologically compatible couples have lower chances of miscarriage in the generally vulnerable first trimester of the pregnancy. You must have listen people talking “they share good chemistry”, This test is capable of reporting the level of attraction, symmetry of attraction, chances of successful pregnancy and many other compatibility issues between a couple. Biological Research has also shown that fertility rates in genetic compatible couples result in healthier children and successful understanding throughout the life. Present era is technology driven and people now a day crosscheck many things before they really plan to marry. The company recommends that every marriage agencies and related organization to suggest genetic compatibility test before marriages; it will increase the number of pleasant and successful marriages. Not only the agencies but the company is keen to organize awareness camps in various places to make the awareness about the Compatibility DNA Testing and its necessity. This test can be ordered online and the sample required is Cheek cells collected by a standard buccal swab which will be provided by BDRC at a nominal cost of INR250. The cost of this test will be INR15000 in India and it will be available from the May14th 2010 at all the branches of BDRC in India. As per the company sources they plan to do this DNA Test at INR12000/- for the first 50 couples. In most of the divorces these days the root cause is lack of proper understanding between the couples, which prolongs and gives rise to number of physical and emotional offsets where the compatibility between the couples seem lacking and finally the couples end in separating. If science is applied along with the stars and moons to calculate the compatibility between two people, the chances of a successful relation or marriage will be too high. Every one of us will agree that Marriage is one of the biggest decisions in life and divorce or separating after marriage is much better than we don’t marry or we don’t continue a relation with one who is not compatible. BDRC aims to bring down the number of divorces which has increased enormously these days because of the compatibility issues between two persons. To order this test one can visit the website

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BDRC is the most trust Biotechnology services and training provider.The forensic DNA Testing services like Paternity test,DNA Testing, prenatal testing. In India it operates from Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar and Lucknow. BDRC is a private DNA testing laboratory
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