Dining Out Trends: An Increased Desire for Eating At Restaurants

Eating out has become more popular lately. According to many financial experts, the economy is improving. A new Consumer Spending Report shows an increase in U.S. consumer spending that includes an increase in dining out at restaurants.
Nutrition Communications Team at NutriTalk, Inc.
Nutrition Communications Team at NutriTalk, Inc.
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May 12, 2010 - PRLog -- In the recent study, 27- percent said that they have spent more than they planned at restaurants while 18 - percent said they actually spent less. This study showed that there was an upward trend of 5-percent in dining out since last November.

We believe that another factor that may influence dining out frequency is the recent law which was part of the health care overhaul that requires calorie-posting in restaurants with 20 or more locations to include calorie counts on menus, menu boards, and drive-thrus. Many health experts believe that once restaurants reveal calorie counts, it may encourage diners to eat more healthfully. In addition, many nutrition professionals hope that once you see the nutrition information listed about your favorite foods that you will demand that restaurants offer healthier options.  On the other hand, many people believe that the information will be overlooked by most people. NutriTalk™ believes that there will be a split between health conscious eaters and diners who want taste, convenience, and lower cost foods.

Menu of Reasons Why You Report You Are Eating Out
The reason that more people say that they are dining out involves these three factors:
•   Traveling More  
•   Less Time to Cook at Home
•   Food is Cheaper Than Cooking At Home

Healthy Dining Out Choices

We have some suggestions to make sure that you maintain or improve your health.

•   Check For Healthier Foods. When you read the description of an entree look for clues. Nutritious options are baked, grilled and roasted are usually lower in fat and calories. However, crispy or fried foods, or those entrees with rich, creamy sauces, like Alfredo, that can add to your fat and calorie intake.

•   Be Special. Ask for your choice without sauces, dressings and gravies or request they be placed on the side so that you can regulate how much that you use. Another tip is to substitute fresh vegetables, like sliced tomatoes, in place of fried potatoes or chips.
•   Request People Bag. You can enjoy the meal again, and keep your waistline intact, if you as your server to pack half for another meal.

If you are dining out in Moderate Casual Dining Restaurants, expect an increase wait time since a recent survey showed that 4-percent more expect to dine in these establishments and if you are fortunate to go to a High End Casual Restaurants, there will be slight uptick in patrons. However, if you are a fast food lover, there should be actually less traffic for orders.

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