AIDS: Germany, Germs And Gerusalem Against The Gay Valley Doll!

Pharma Pharaoh STUNNY PHAROUK-STARZMANN is the worst nightmare of any EU-doctor or racist gay white pharma bank. SEX among animals in AFRICA is common, but AIDS isn't! Ancient valley goat Stunny hammers like a doll! - Perfectly! - by Sanga Sinouoa
By: Sanga Sinouoa
May 9, 2010 - PRLog -- AIDS is caused by the radioactive oral consumption of other living things other than fast growing plants. If cities and deserts grow, you can't eat docile Negroes even if they are silent lams like Stunny is! Creutzfeldt Jacobs Disease is a radioactive condition caused by eating the plastics of other peoples bodies, or when you drink SILICON or eat animal RNA. It means AIDS and ageing! There is a divine reason for agriculture. The word "kosher" or "halal" is Jewish and Mohammedan and is a religious miscarriage of Justice towards "sweet homing pets", regardless how big their ears are or how split their hooves may be. - HORSES are said to be NEGROES. If white cities grow, white hetros must not eat them.

When a German says "Oh Gay und ruh in Gayrusalem!" it's actually a play on words for a homophobic Jew to say to a queer to "oh do go and rest in peace!", - and means to "go die on a cross in Jerusalem", like Jesus did! Duesseldorf is called “Gayrusalem” ever since STUNNY PHAROUK lives there. But the expression is also prophetic, foretelling a peaceful gay event. The sex-phobic Bible oddly stated gay Jesus Christ as saying "Oh Jerusalem, Oh Jerusalem, you killer of your own prophets, your whore-house will be barren to you!" (Matthew 23: 37)...Wow!, that certainly sounded like he was a-cussin' out some overbearing wench of sorts. - The word GER in French is GUERRE and means WAR-TIME!
So when after the 2. World-war, Germany's national anthem still sang for Gerusalem "Deutschland! Deutschland! ueber alles!" - meaning "Germany! Germany! over all and everything (including GOD)!", this reflected their unjust cultural propensity for INCEST enforced by menstrual maternal MADNESS and diseases born of mass breeding and MASS MEAT-EATING. - Literally GUERRE-MANIA, the world's slaughterhouse! - Tolkien's Mordor.  

In fact EU-Germany has the highest count of habit hobbits and hobby-homosexuals in the world; so it does seem rather odd why it's Jewish history is so filled with war and denial, that they still kill their own pets, prophets, Jews and white days, while reading the 5 books of Moses! This means, when gays kill their own innocent kind for delivering them from bondage and marital burdens of child rearing, they are actually following a covetous sex-obsessed female command to overpopulate in a crowded country without any more Christmas trees to burn! Some wearisome white Madonna wants to efff-up her own white under-aged gay model son, if a mixed lad is torn to shreds by the mad white police, against his sweet Black mom. Who are they attacking? - His white dad?

A white Madonna who claims to have been ffffucked by GOD himself, but focuses on EGYPT with a vengeance, has a screw loose for a JEW. - The war is only about a white female abuse of the cradle, - civilisation -, if men are so very distracted by wars and fistfights all the time which make no real religious sense, excepting that they are founded on RACE, ARTISTRY and false MAKE-OVERS. What's luuuve got to do with'itt, if TINA TURNA is a rock-hard soul queen, too?! Gay designers who slave for the fancies of women for money, need to get out of prostitution, at some point in their lives, as well. So, one hated Black German Jesus Christ, well knew who and what his own folk are: - a bunch of one-armed Hitler-hugging liars in secret incestuous gay squalor, much like the slimy coils of wiggling white maggots at the bottom of a dark garbage barrel that hide from daylight-delights of the golden son at dawn from darkness. - Awake all ye!

Thank god for STUNNY PHAROUK. At least he's got a tan and can! He makes African gold enough to laugh you off. But one must remember that his white dad did leave WORMIN'-GERMIN' GERUSALEM to find the radiant smile of a BLACK MADONNA who became the mother harbinger of the new GOLDPRICE on AFRIKA, - as ANCIENT as she actually is...gayday demon sons do have GOLD on and in their hands! - So, who the holy ffffuck is she? Felaki women seem BLACK to whites, if her mixed son has been betrayed and locked in a German prison, just to keep AIDS and LEPROSY a JEWISH WORM'S tax haven, and gayness locked in the closet, for all the female famines of overpopulation! - How taxing!...Who needs tax beside a communist national salary? According to the Jewish scriptures of the Muslim Mo'Salam Bible of Jerusalem, Jesus hated tax-collectors if the national treasurer (a PHARAOH / PHARICEE/ REFEREE or JUDGE) was feasting unfairly off the sicknesses of the fffuckin' flock. Yet Jesus was historically only a vegan doctor. So if yu wanna fleece the little black sheep of the family to slaughter every holey lam, and send Black Mary to school in Malawi to keep her rockin' distance; you'll have to find the BANK in the halls of the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT instead, and not in the illegal arms of a BAD DOCTOR killing a GOOD MAN over a plate of MEAT in a land without its own greens! - And presently GERMANY and AFRICA have no active justice system, if gay WHITE police-men hunt down half-cast mixtures like Stunny, at the behest of a female doctrice! For Larry to tarry with Harry for the hairstyle he's got, Germany's men seem out-controlled from the cradle by the brainwash of a slimy Jewish twat, and are destined to think and act like menopausal wenches who wenk and want their sons in secret, - just like uptight religious moms prefer for the glory of a book for frightened bed-wetters. - How funny; - cuzz, the German media industry all secretly drink Stunny's tannic molasses to cure CANCER today, and deny Stunny Pharouk all mention of justice or regard, and hope to further feast off AFRICA's resources for sex, as if they have any right or title after Catholic cubism and slavery. They don't want RICH Black African employers over a white jobless reputations escaping toxic EU-67 Nazism.

Soewww, what's a gay MICHAEL JACKSON to do in dull old black-bleaching country owned by mad doctors? - After being crucified by medicine he decided to leave for a new country, namely: CHER' O SALAME - EGYPT ABOVE! - or "THE HAIR OF THE LAMS! - AFRICA."
Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann says, Jerusalem means "The Hair and Harmony Of Lams!" and its gonna happen, regardless, it happens to everyone! - “The WAR of PEACE!”. The Silent victory of the dark meek-meek chum.

Stunny Pharouk had once said; Lower Egypt became meat eating, as upper Egypt in heaven and NUBIA remained VEGAN till slavery and egotism, and it was the naked BASE of INDIA before the continents drifted apart, and all the white sex wars began. Therefore a clear thinking individual would ask: Don't Germans see how much they stupe, if they have complexes over darker EGYPTIAN COMPLEXTION? - If things are to change, - and believe me they do - it'll probably always be a BACK TO BLACK EDEN subject, as long as BLACKS are subjected unfairly. The actual subliminal white target of hate for Stunny is his BLACK MOM, whom gays refer to as the BLACK MADONNA who sits in silence and doesn't brag before a white microphone nor camera...silent lambs have a powerful voice.

So, go to your rooms, and say your prayers! - Have peace if ya wanna FUCK with a FISH.

For more info on the German plague, go to and stop your race-hate.

# # #

AIDS-SCANDAL by Stunny Pharouk is the fastest cure for AIDS as RNA-overglutt such as ANTHRAX POISONING since 2004 with Tannine-Ascorbic Molasses. His global warning campaign saved millions worldwide with costfree detox info.
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