Xiamen--One of the most attractive cities in China!

Xiamen is one of the most attractive cities in China. Situated at the coast of the Fujian Strait this wonderful city with its palm trees, vast beaches and historical architecture attracts a lot of vistors from home and abroad every year.
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May 9, 2010 - PRLog -- Detailed introduction about Xiamen:
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Location: located in the southern part of Fujian province; between 118 04' east longitude and 24 26' north latitude.

Fujian's Neighboring Areas: Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Guangdong and Taiwan provinces.

Physical Features: mainly downland, small plain near the sea; Xiamen island and continent is connected by the sea bank; wide gulf with deep water, without freezing and silting.

Population: 2.17 million

Area: 1,569 sq km

Nationalities: Han, She, Hui, Miao, Manchu, and Gaoshan

History: the administration organizational system of Xiamen has begun since Song dynasty, Ming built the city walls and established Xiamen as a major seaport and commercial centre; the city has significantly benefited from Taiwanese, overseas Chinese and foreign investment and its designation as a Special Economic Zone in 1980.
Climatic Features: subtropical monsoon climate; the black frost period last 364 days; the average wind power is 3 to 5 level, mainly the northeast wind.
Average Temperature: annual average 20.8 C, with the absolute highest temperature of 38.4 C, lowest of 2 C.

Rainfall: the annual precipitation is 1100mm; concentrated on May, June and July.

Xiamen Profile:

Xiamen, a scenic port city, is situated at 118.04' east longitude and 24.26' north latitude on the southeast coat of China, directly facing Taiwan Island with Taiwan Straits in between. This garden city covers total area of 1569 sq km, while Xiamen Island proper, floating about a mile off the serpentine coastline, is about 130.56 sq km, It is said in ancient times flocks of egrets settled on this island, so it is also called Egret Island.

Xiamen is one of the five Special Economic Zones in China, and one of the few cities that have been granted by State Council the provincial-level authority to enjoy the direct budgetary and financial ministration by the central government. There are six districts under the administration of municipal government. They are Siming, Huli, Jimei, Tong'an, Xiang'an and Haicang.

Lying in the sub-tropical Zone, Xiamen has maritime climate, and congenial, spring-like weather in four seasons. Thanks to this kind of nice climate, people in Xiamen can enjoy the bright sunlight, the gentle breeze, the lush plants and the colorful flowers all year round. It is one of China's top ten cities suitable for human habitation with its high development in culture and education, its economic prosperity and its picturesque scenery. It is also a famous hometown for overseas Chinese.

Xiamen is rich in resources for tourism. Each year tens of thousands of tourists from home and abroad come here to enjoy the azure sky, blue sea, golden beach, green hills, grotesque rocks, fantastic caves, well-cultivated gardens and parks, rare flowers and plants. They visit the ancient temples and historical sites. They experience special local customs, and taste typical seafood in south Fujian flavor.

Xiamen has various sightseeing attractions, places of historic interest, and tourist resorts, such as Gulanyu Islet, Wulao Mountains and Nanputuo Temple, Ten-thousand Rock Botanical Garden landscape, Bailuzhou recreation center, Jimei scenic sports, and other ecological environment tours outside the island.

Xiamen has developed fast and convenient means of transportation to meet the needs of the tourists. Its natural, deep-water harbor can let the 10'000 tonnage ocean liners or cabin cruisers pass easily. Two long cross-sea bridges have connected the island with the mainland. The expressways and other highways radiate in all directions. Its railway system is part of the national railways networks. Xiamen International Airport has more than 50 domestic and international flight services between Xiamen and other major cities home and abroad.

Xiamen's communication facilities are being perfected. The 2.5G b/s wide-bend Internet, the GSM and CDMA mobile telephone network, and the all-digital program-control telephone network make the city keep in close touch with other cities, regions and countries around the world.

Besides, Xiamen's hotel accommodation and the services provide every convenience for the comfort of visitors. Granted by the relevant state administrative departments, Xiamen has won the titles of "National Garden City" "National sanitary City" "Model City for Environmental Protection" and "National outstanding Sightseeing City". Xiamen opens its arms to welcome visitors and friends from every corner of the world. If you step on this ancient but modern city, you will surely be attracted by its charming sights and forget to return.

Hereunder are the main awards that Xiamen achieved in recent years:

1)1996--National Sanitary City

2)1997--National Garden City

3)1997-National Model City for Environmental Protection

4)1998--Science and Technology

5)1999--National Excellence in Tourism

6)1999 and 2004--National Advanced Blood Donation City

7)1999-(2003)--Advanced City in Establishing Civilized City Project

8)2000--Special Award of National Environmental Renovation

9)2001-- National Top 10 Most Livable Cities

10)2002--International Garden City

11)2003--National Traffic Management Model

12)2003--National Habit Award

13)2003-- National “2-support” Model of 5 years

14)2004--United Nation Habitant Award-2004

15)Advanced “Two Foundations” Education City

16)2005--National Civilized City-2005

17)2006 & 2007 China Top Ten Youth Favorite Tour Destinations

18)2007 National Model City for Greening

Hope the above information helps you know about Xiamen. Thank you for reading.

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