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Even though he never thought he'd ever start an article directory, author Cory Jean is totally jazzed about the launch of his new article directory, Article Grunge, and welcomes all new authors.
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May 8, 2010 - PRLog -- Article Grunge ( is a new article directory bursting onto the scene hoping to make a difference on the internet. Created and operated by Cory Jean from North Carolina, Article Grunge is a free article library that allows approved authors to publish their articles and short stories alongside other quality articles in like genres. In addition, all articles and works are available to publishers and website owners for syndication providing that the entire article remains intact, including the authors resource box, which gives the author credit for his or her article.

When ask what made his article directory different and why he started Article Grunge, Cory Jean replied:

“I really never wanted to start an article directory. As a matter of fact, I thought it was a stupid idea at first and had told myself that I would never do it. But after a couple of years of working with other article directories I decided that I wanted to create something that was a bit of an outward expression of myself while providing a service to other folks that do some writing for a living.

The other article directories on the internet these days are either full of really horrible content that is pretty much unregulated or they lack any sort of real personality. Yeah... there are a couple or maybe one or two that have some sort of personality but for the most part they're all just cookie cutter directories. I wanted to be a little different and that's why I created Article Grunge.”

When asked where he came up with the name, Article Grunge, Mr Jean said:

“I grew up listening to grunge music... Kurt Cobain, Pearl Jam and stuff like that. I had no idea that there was grunge art until I hired a graphics designer to work on a project for me. I'm not great at design and this girl is awesome. She runs JenBear Designs...anyhow...she gave me a couple of samples of the design that she had worked on and I picked one and she told me that this was the one that she liked too...that it was kind of 'grunge' and that sort of stuck with me. Her work is sort of like it has become kind of a part of me...edgy and rough...and I've tried to let that transfer over into Article Grunge. I have kind of an 'I don't care' attitude about the site and I run it as I see fit. I have accepted articles on controvertial subject matter and I ditch articles that have been passed through to me by other publishers because I'm not going to publish junk in my article directory. I set the bar pretty high in comparison to other article directories with a 500 word minimum limit but the way I look at it, if you can't write more than 500 works, which is about 6 paragraphs about a subject, then you shouldn't be writing about it. The benefit to Article Grunge and folks who choose to publish their stuff with me is that the articles aren't going to be garbage.

No, I don't have a bunch of Hemingways churning out articles every day...some of the stuff can be pretty boring...articles about paper shredders and how a fuel pump works. But I do have some really clever writers that crack me up on a regular basis. It is those folks that really make me glad that I started Article Grunge.

When asked if he did all the work himself, Cory replied:

“Yes, for the moment I read and approve all the articles myself. It's not too bad... about 100 articles a day and I've always been a pretty good reader. Right now we're doing mostly syndicated stuff but we are hoping to go completely original content before the summer is out. It's easy work but it can be tedious. There are a lot of really bad writers out there and people who submit spun articles or just random pages of words that they want published just to get backlings to their websites. That's not what I'm all about and that's not how I roll....I delete spun content and trash articles. If I can't read it then my viewers aren't going to be reading it either and it's just going to tick them off. I'll leave the spun content to other article directories and there are folks who think that I'm nuts for setting the bar so high but I don't care. My best articles...the ones that I have written that have done well and been picked up by search engines and get traffic have all been over 500 words and most are closer to 800 words and they're well written.

I figured that if I have to force people to write longer articles then maybe they will see what I have been saying for years now. Good articles are not 300 to 400 words. Good articles are over 500 words. Heck! Once I get writing on a topic I know that I can hit 800 words without even thinking about it!”

When asked what his vision is for Article Grunge, Cory said:

“I just hope that we can be a positive influence on the internet community as a whole in that we provide a place where folks can publish their stuff and get picked up by the search engines...whether that be for monetary gain for them or just for S&G's for them that their article is searchable on the internet. And I personally hope that we can change people's perception of what article marketing is all about and what an article directory is all about. It's not about writing a bunch of garbage articles so you can trick someone into buying something for you whether that be by manipulating your search engine ranking or by making some big sales pitch in an article. It's all about providing a solution to a problem and that is what I always tried to do in my article marketing and what I want to do with this article directory.

I do have lots of ideas for services and different incentives that I hope to be able to offer our authors in the near future. Most of them are a ways off but once we get things set up and stable we're hoping to remove no-follow from our very best author's articles as a thank you for helping us to get where we are. It may take a little time but we're getting there little by little every day.

I do hope that Article Grunge will be around for a long time and that it can be a resource or business that I can pass down to my kids. I also want it to be a testimony to who I am and who I was long after I am gone. It's actually pretty exciting to think of what things will be like when that happens because I'm planning on sticking around for a long time!”

Again, if you're looking for a high quality article directory to publish your articles and literary works check out Article Grunge. See what makes this article directory different than all the others. Go to Article Grunge and sign up for a free account today.

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