18.94 Carat Amour Éternel de nos Âmes Purchased by Author Gary Beers

Author Gary Beers Obviously in Scranton, Pennsylvania for a VERY BIG REASON!
Author Gary Beers
Author Gary Beers
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Carlisle - Pennsylvania - US

May 8, 2010 - PRLog -- Author Gary Beers Purchased a reported 18.94 carat diamond ring, one famously known of private collectors as the “Eternal Love of Our Souls!”  Asserted by a jewelry store owner is Scranton, Pennsylvania, Beers arranged by phone to see the “French” masterpiece “Amour Éternel de nos Âmes” said to be owned by only two people in nearly 657 years! The rings history is phenomenal, one graciously providing the type of romance like impact expected from Gary Beers.   The New York author paid a staggering  $9.978 million dollars by credit card transfer.  The “Newer Truer Juliet” remains a mystery for many who have sought to learn of her.  She has been reported as being named either “Chris or Christine,” she may reside somewhere in Pennsylvania or Maryland.  Beers was said to literally pay for the ring and walk right out into the public as though he bought a pair of sneakers.  He was offered security to his private, black car---but said kindly of him being most appreciative, but graciously declined.  The owner of the store said Gary Beers said little to nothing of who this very exquisite ring was for or what occasion.  Beers smiled and appeared to be in love: “Really in love with someone, somewhere around here or who knows…”  Joseph Saetchale owner of the store commented.  He further said “An almost 10 million dollar ring was purchased here today.  We are quite happy with the transaction!”
   Hmm?  Is the Newer Truer Juliet going to be surprised very soon?  The sale of the incredible ring has not reached many corners of the multitude of societies around the globe, but it can be safely assumed there being many jealous persons who would want Gary Beers to place that exact ring on their finger.  “Whomever she is I gonna be very upset and jealous of her when I hear that Gary Beers proposed to her.  I think they said her name is Christine or something like that?  He is so romantic and handsome, I heard of him being a very unusually-talented lover!  I would not mind marrying that guy!  I mean I wouldn’t waste no time.  Hey, you go girl get’m!” Said Courtney Sanders of Israel.  
   Gary Beers has been described by the masses as a modern day “Romeo.”  Though once engaged to a Miss. Victoria Hill of New York, the apparent breakup of the “Romeo & Juliet of the North East” has sparked recent interest in Beers seeking a new love now named “Newer Truer Juliet” many believe lives now in Pennsylvania.  Media efforts to capture the two together have been ongoing and promise to yield at least a photo of the romantically involved duet!
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