Interview with Linda Howe in May 2010 Monthly Aspectarian

Guy Spiro of the Monthly Aspectarian intrviews Linda Howe in the May 2010 issue. Here are excerpts fromthe interview.
May 6, 2010 - PRLog -- Guy Spiro: One thing I’ve pondered in recent times—it’s clear to me that there is only an eternal now, so everything is really happening simultaneously—going back to lifetimes are only linear when you’re in one ... how is it that we get localized into the ones that we find ourselves in, such as you’re in the one you’re in now, and I’m in the one I’m in now, and we’re having this conversation? But really, all of these lifetimes are all happening now. How do we get localized in the ones we find ourselves? It has also occurred to me that if you’re improving yourself in this one, you’re probably improving all of them.

Linda Howe: Absolutely. We know that the point of power is only now and always now. So as we become aware of who we are now, who we have been and who we may become in the future, from a linear perspective, we become aware of those possibilities, these different expressions of us. This is why coming to know our own soul and our own goodness is so critical for us at this time. Because in this, we come to know that no matter what we’ve done and haven’t done, it’s all okay. As we come to know that, it sends out this ripple effect, the love effect.

From an Akashic perspective, we see that there are two parts to every Record. One is the blueprint, the pattern, it’s like the DNA of your soul, it’s the who you are to become through time and who you will come to know yourself as. It’s who you are. Then we have what corresponds with that, a catalog of lifetimes, through which you come to know the truth about yourself.

So lifetime after lifetime, in the linear perspective, we choose the lifetime. I say, this lifetime I want to know and love myself in Chicago with this family in these circumstances, and grow into greater dimensions of love, acceptance, harmony and peace, all of those things in a variety of circumstances. It’s as if the game is, can I love myself when I’m a criminal; there’s a million things to be, can I do it when I’m a person leading a life of leisure, can I do it and love everybody else as well?

GS: Even if I screw up this badly, can I love myself?

LH: That is the great karmic challenge. Can I know the truth about myself even when my behavior is horrendous and I’m not living up to my ideals? It’s easy to love ourselves and others when we meet our goals or when people do what we want. I think one of the great challenges of the old soul, the sophisticated soul is can I expand my allowance, will I let myself love beyond whatever I have known or loved before? I’m not saying let’s put up with bad behavior. We’re talking about at the soul level, the deepest level. This is what the masters have taught and that’s our challenge, too.

GS: Can we love ourselves no matter how we have behaved so far in this lifetime? As much good as we have done, how much have we gone the other way? Of course, we know that the worst is just the corruption of the best. However much good you’re capable of, you’re capable of just that much bad.

LH: That’s what I tell my students when people want to be readers and they want to read others, to take a minute and reflect on the understanding that as much good you can do, you can also do harm. So, find that centering place, the point of inner light of power and work from there, because that’s your immunity, that’s your safety net.

GS: Talk a little more about your book and CD set, How To Read The Akashic Record.

LH: One of my personal purposes in this lifetime is to make the Akashic Record a resource for empowerment and consciousness development available to anyone who wants it. The book is simple, it’s clear, and I’m hearing from people all over the world that it doesn’t matter what language, and people are able to meet their own spiritual needs by using this resource. In the CD learning set, it is me talking people through the process, like being in a class with me. People have different learning styles, so whatever works.

People come to this work through an inner prompting. It may look like your friend made you go to the class, or like somebody gave you the book as a gift, but the truth of the matter is, you only come to this at the inner call of your own soul. I have great confidence in the people that are using this. I also teach classes because there are people who want to go deeper and they want to go faster. Right now I’m working on my next book and CD set that will come out in the fall, Healing Through the Akashic Records: Discovering Your Soul’s Perfection.

You know, Guy, we’re all blessed, we’re all standing in the sunlight, but I have had the very great fortune to have great students, people who are excited and enthusiastic and disciplined and responsible. It really is a great privilege to teach at this point in the history of humanity. I am deeply grateful and having a wonderful time.


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