Why did leaders say no God Creator? I don't know perhaps you had a speck of shit on your shoe.

Faithful servants I will have them dragged by their balls brought before my court and say them WHY. My son 3 in 1 of two faithful servants I converse with only and no other living or dead for what is to be completed and done regarding my sphere.
Your mind a world unique accustomed to you alone you are a world within worlds.
Your mind a world unique accustomed to you alone you are a world within worlds.
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May 4, 2010 - PRLog -- My words pure gold for Eternal Life Gold Good, man words sin black for evil death bad, All serving Satan evil death against blanking/blocking this Eternal Life Gold is the epitome of evil.

Words are very important when they hit my air. Even the birds know of my existence when they fly on my breeze.

My servant Noah said to the town councils of that day, it’s going to rain and they like you did nothing when they could have done something, then the day was on them my great deluge, and they were gone.

No sooner had my ark made land the problem had not gone away.

It's Going To Go Black and you all like them did nothing when you could have done something.

My son Jesus in Peter three in one returned 21st century style, heaven moves with the times you can write and do anything any way that you want, to their worth.

Gets full backing from up here Eternal Life Gold Good.

They are all writing down there evil death bad.

Gets no backing from up here Eternal Life Gold Good.

You can go completely mad if you want too, you are a round peg in a square hole.

In it but not part of it the fall of man from under authority Eternal Life Gold created all that is evil death not of I God my son and Heaven.

The salvation of man plan from all that is evil death, as the army of tyranny was rapidly approaching; I who knows all about time and distance said to my servant Moses tell all the males to dip their right foot into the water, and they all moaned, when the last foot went in I changed the orbit of my spheres and a passage was made.

I know how many grains of sand there are in the Sahara desert. I can turn apples into pure gold and then back into apples again. Up here we do not have such an inferior system as money we all sit on rocks of pure gold.

I take nothing and make something, impossible made possible, do all on a 1% success rate, the pen is mightier than the sword and we never say never.

You are my son, your mind is a world unique and accustomed to you alone therefore you are a world within worlds, it is important that you retain your own individual personality.

You are good.

Go and be with them.

It is by far easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a man to say yes to this and enter up and into Eternal Life Gold Good my Fathers Heaven.

Do not look at the splinter in my eye when you can not see the plank in your own.

To exist where so many do not is priceless and should not be sold so cheaply to Satan all that is evil death.

The Jews failed law burned, upon rock Peter I will return in 2000 years to raise the dead say no, law all burned.

This is good filtrated contacting evil that thinks that it is good to make all good, not an easy task, whoever said it was meant to be easy.

The first time we did this, no from them crashed.

So we are doing this, this way now see how long this lasts before this crash.

And if this crashes they crash with it.

My servant Peter is telling the world it’s going to go black and you like them did nothing when you could have done something, and then the day is coming up upon you, black and all gone, we are doing to avoid what you all are doing for black and gone, like all them on the Titanic not worth saving any way.

They the leaders in charge of the people on my land have already said no crashed, bastardized my crown sold all its subjects to fire and slaughter, salvation of man plan has failed again this second time around, they stole it, all religions and what went with them can only be all null void, all prayers just going up in smoke, all scripture for filled on this promised second coming now all out of date and obsolete, and I have made all preachers redundant from Rome to Alkhobar, we are not into niceties and a safe distance from you man the beast for evil death bad this second time around.

There was only two churches recognized up here and only one was the true.

I will take this to the people.

This is a salvage operation, before it’s to late

Say yes to Eternal Life Gold not no.

My architect to head office earth is yes with John Major brings all instantly under the authority from where you all fell all serving Eternal Life Gold Good, and you get what you serve.

No more all that is evil death bad.

Here I am again at the bottom of heaven earth to lift all up and out of it and all want to stay in it, fallen gods of death are not having it any other way in their thirst for evil death, we expect nothing from you are all dead, anything we do get is a bonus.

We are doing this, this way now my sons window to the world the internet the last time we did this 2000 years ago this crashed all said no, crucifixion is evil no all saying it's yes, if you could get hold of my son now you would only do the same thing again.

Man is lazy and has lost his seat to woman has manipulated misconstrued and rigged everything to suit himself for evil death, man is guilty one sin only serving Satan evil death against this Eternal Life Gold Good. Woman is innocent our business is with man only.

And you all say what you say when you say it and do what you do when you do it, make no odds up here. You can not let heaven down only yourselves.

This is the last time, fail this second coming of my son God to man like you failed the first there is no third and all around you is gone black.

Good contacting evil that thinks that it is good to die sin, the lie that dies, isn't a corpse cold.

I and heaven do not decide when you die against my will all serving Satan evil death.

It’s the nature of the beast that you fell to that takes you.

It ends because it was bad if it were good it would not end.

Animals just go into the ground.

dead man just wander the corridors of life endlessly possessing the living dead on the surface abominating for always saying no crashed.

There were only two churches recognized up here Eternal Life Gold Good.

And only one was the true one.

No one from this creation of man is up in Eternal Life Gold my Heaven; my gate has not opened yet.

You get nothing on a no.

You all get gate open Eternal Life Gold Good forever never ending on a yes my architect to head office earth with John Major all serving the meaning of your existence Eternal Life Gold Good defeating Satan evil death to be Eternal Life Gold Good.

All crowned Eternal Life Gold Good into kingdoms upon kingdoms never ending is at stake here, this the promised second coming to deliver all from all evil, the current leader on my land of David England is top man earth, and I only go to the top, has to pick up my sword of righteousness for all nations and arrange the collection of my architect Frederick for no more mortal sin sick old charge cost pain suffering evil death.

The meaning of your existence is to defeat Satan evil death to be Eternal Life Gold my architect for what is to be completed and done regarding my sphere all Eternal Life Gold forever never ending, why have you all got a problem with this, because you are all that is evil death against this Eternal Life Gold now stop and focus your sights higher.

God Creator in my son 2000 returned and no other living or dead.

# # #

TASK UNLIMITED a company set up in heaven now on earth, to deliver all from all that is sin evil death, up and out of it, eternal life gold, you will know when the time is near, there will be earthquakes and floods, much talk of peace. Head office earth have been furnished with all the details of what is to be completed and done regarding my sphere, My Great and Mighty Holy Sphere alinement's with my stars to reveal the location of my ark of the lost covenant, I have kept hidden for the resurrection of the dead all up and out of it to where all has been made ready, all restored to original design Eternal Life Gold Good.

This is a task to completion no more sin evil black death does no longer exist not even the word.

All currently serving Satan evil death against my will, all in defiance denial and failure to pick up my sword of righteousness for all nations.

I am not a democratic God I am not a charitable God and I am not a patient God.
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