How to Win the Lottery Guaranteed - New Book Release by David Dean

David Dean shows you his winning strategy for winning the lottery after winning huge jackpots 5 years in a row.
How to Win a Lottery Guaranteed
How to Win a Lottery Guaranteed
May 3, 2010 - PRLog -- How to Win the Lottery Guaranteed

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You have heard these stories before, and you ponder whether these are folks getting lucky or is there really a lotto pattern. Is there a pattern for numbers being drawn? Many lucky lotto winners have concocted their own principles and their own lottery winning systems, but I stumbled on to Larry Blair's story a short time ago. Larry has won large lotteries - 5 to be specific during the past 5 years. He has found a pattern when it comes to picking numbers. That's's one of the previous 5 gigantic jackpots he has won using his system. Can he guarantee his system will work for everyone?

I suspect not.

To read the first chapter of David's book, please visit:

He claims that one out of seven wins everytime. Those are very good chances. This is how his lottery system,'how to win the lottery guaranteed' oofj works.

How'The Lottery Black Book' System Works?

Step 1

* get yourself a notebook just for the lottery. Confirm the lotto game that you want to play and track down the winning numbers precisely how I teach you in my book.
Step two
* After you have all of the winning numbers, apply this straightforward FORMULA ( find it in my book ) that gives you the forty eight. 7% chance of winning every time we play.

Step three

* Wait for the results and see how it worked. However it can occur that you may not win. Don' t despair ...
Step 4

* If you win, repeat the method time after time again. If you don' t win ... Be patient and play again. It' s more of a' When' situation instead of an' IF'.

Step 5

* Don' t share your info with anyone else.
additional steps ( recommended by me ) :

Step six

* After you WIN, watch out to keep a low profile.

Step 7

* Make a donation. It feels great ... Don' t be greedy!

So you could be considering what the straightforward formula is. He does not reveal that, but he does detail it in his new book at Check it out, and you might be the new lottery winner.  You can read the first chapter of the ebook here:

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