Palladium Rings,Buy Palladium Rings,Buy Palladium Rings Online,Buy Palladium Rings Online UK

Palladium Rings,Buy Palladium Rings,Buy Palladium Rings Online,Buy Palladium Rings Online UK
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May 1, 2010 - PRLog --, a preeminent online jewelry retailer has announced a brand new addition to its considerable selection of Palladium rings and men’s wedding bands: a collection of palladium rings and wedding bands possessing all the quality and allure of platinum at a fraction of the price.

Palladium rings are made of pure white metal. In fact, most palladium rings are 95% pure palladium rings, making palladium rings much more precious than white gold jewelry. Palladium rings are an investment quality precious metal, part of what’s known as the Platinum Group Metals. Chemically similar to platinum, it is likewise prized for its purity, durability, and brilliant white color. Like platinum, palladium rings are superior jewelry metal due to their rarity, luxurious white luster and hypoallergenic properties. (Actually palladium rings are slightly whiter, lighter in weight and harder than platinum.)

Previously white gold- an alloyed metal was the popular affordable alternative to platinum. White gold jewelry however, depends on a rhodium coating for its brilliant hue, and over time the coating wears off and requires refinishing. Palladium rings, a much purer and more durable metal requires no such coating to maintain its crisp whiteness. Palladium rings are increasing in popularity. The pure, bright white of the precious metal shows diamonds and other precious gemstones off to great effect.

Buying palladium rings is a very special experience. The ring will be cherished forever as a symbol of your love. Palladium rings  are available in a variety of precious metals, with platinum widely regarded as being the most precious of metals. Palladium rings are part of the platinum family and shares many of the qualities of platinum, however it is less expensive. Palladium rings fall between gold and platinum in price, making it an interesting option.

An alternative to palladium rings made completely from palladium rings is to consider a ring which is formed from palladium rings mounting combined with another metal shank or band.
Interesting designs can include combining different colors and metals. For instance a pink and gold palladium rings design might include palladium rings with accents of rose gold set with pink sapphires. Palladium rings  are bright white and luxurious.

Palladium rings are relative newcomers to mainstream engagement ring designs, but the durable, bright white metal is an attractive and unique alternative to more commonplace choices, perfect for the couple interested in a fine ring with individual flair.
Palladium rings are gorgeous and unconventional engagement rings that any woman would fall in love with.  Palladium rings , though very closely related to platinum and often mistaken for platinum, has a history and style all its own.  
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