What are some good sites to buy Guild Wars Gold?

This article will talk about some of the top Guild Wars Gold sellers, and attempt to answer this question.
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May 1, 2010 - PRLog -- Those of us who play Guild Wars know that there is a ton of grinding to be done in the game to get to max level. So who wants to spend even more time grinding Gold? There are better ways to spend your time! So, for those of us who decide to buy Guild Wars Gold, the question that needs answering is "Where can I buy Guild Wars Gold Cheap and Safe?" This article will talk about some of the top Guild Wars Gold sellers, and attempt to answer this question.

The first thing we need to consider when making any online purchase, especially game currency, is safety. There are many kinds of safety to consider. The most important one is safety of your personal information. Most big, reputable sites will be fine in this area-sites like WGT Online didn't build their names by being unsafe! So you can feel confident in that area with all of the sites I mention.

The second thing to consider, though, when trying to find a place you buy Guild Wars Gold cheap and safe, is how safe their various methods are; advertising methods, earning methods, transfer methods, all these things can add up and determine whether or not your purchase is safe from any danger. The best site for this kind of safety is SwagVault. WGT Online (http://www.wow-gold-team.com/) is good too, not taking excess risks.

The second thing to consider when buying Guild Wars Gold is availability; you can't buy what they don't have. Fortunately, the bigger gold sellers keep a nice supply available, and it is very rare that WGT Online or IGE will not have gold available for a particular server.

The final thing to consider, what many think of as the most important factor-although I consider safety more important! -is price. Price can vary from server to server no matter where you try to buy Guild Wars Gold  cheap and safe, but generally certain sites will have universally lower prices. WGT Online tends to reign supreme in this area, although ige is usually a close second. Checking out multiple sites is usually the best idea for getting the ideal price, assuming you don't have a favorite.

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