DigitPlace Prices Remains Competitive Despite Price Increase of Cotton

In the textile and apparel industry, a price increase of one raw material has a domino-effect on all other aspects of production which creates an increase in product. DigitPlace embroidery digitizing prices remain the same for its customers.
April 29, 2010 - PRLog -- Effective April 9, 2010, the government of India imposed a duty on the export of cotton. It also decided to levy a 3 per cent duty on cotton waste exports. A few days after that the textile commissioner decided to ban cotton export until further notice alluding a high increase in cotton prices as the reason. This suspension will greatly affect the prices of cotton and it is expected that farmers in India will suffer great loss because of this. India is now the second largest exporter after they have adopted genetically modified strains of the plant. It is expected the world supply of cotton would be stretched for the next months and consequently there will be an increase in prices of cotton.

Retailers do not know what the future holds for the prices of commodities but as of now major retailers are not yet moving their clothing prices. It is estimated though that there might be a 5% to 7% increase for retailers. But for now retail prices of apparel using cotton would remain the same. There remains a great demand for cotton but there are also other countries producing cotton. And the ban of cotton exports in India has shifted the demand on their supply of cotton. China, though one of the top producers of cotton, is India’s main customer and will have to find alternate source of cotton. Bangladesh will also have to spend more money in importing cotton from other countries which will cause increase in yarn prices and production costs of textile which is their main export. In the case of US cotton exporters, they will have to export more to cover the supply gap caused by India’s ban.

It is known that there is a domino-effect when there is an increase in prices of raw materials in the apparel industry follow. Meaning, an increase in price in the raw material would mean an increase in production cost and thus an increase in retail price will definitely follow. DigitPlace www.digitplace.com reports that despite price hike in raw materials, textile and apparel, the price structure and service packages offered of Digit Place remains the same.

The four embroidery digitizing service packages or options are:

1. $3.99 per 1000 stitches (no minimum)

2. $2.99 per thousand stitches (10 logos per month minimum)

3. $1.99 per thousand stitches (20 logos per month minimum)

4. Hire a digitizer for a month.  

This price structure allows clients to choose the package best suited for their needs. And the price structure remaining the same is meant to guarantee that companies who need digitizing work would not have an additional burden.

The embroidery digitizing and everything else at www.digitplace.com remains the same. The eight hours turnaround time still remains the fastest in the digitizing industry. Two free revisions are given to customers while free estimates can be done for those who are not yet sure of what they will be getting. The customer service, on the phone and on chat support, is always available to answer queries regarding the services of DigitPlace.

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Digit Place has been providing professional custom logo digitizing services to its clients for almost a decade. DigitPlace pays close attention to details important to clients – quality, turnaround time, price structure and great customer service.
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