Online Auction House Announces Green Environment offers sustainable, cost-effective alternative in the midst of a struggling economy
By: Graham
April 24, 2010 - PRLog -- LOS ANGELES, CA April 15, 2010:  In March 2010, an international conference of experts and world leaders called on wealthy countries to invest in technical innovation and green economics.  “Green growth is the path to meeting the climate challenge.  It can help us to lay the foundation for lasting and widespread economic recovery.  It can help us reduce poverty,” United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon told the conference (AFP).  Relying on grassroots support among environmentally-conscious small business owners and consumers, aims to provide ease of use in a green, carbon-neutral setting.
“Essentially, we offer our users a green environment hosted on a green server powered by windmills,” says Graham, founder of  “That’s the equivalent of saving 100,000 gallons of gas per year or a quarter of a million cars off the road.”
Most people don’t realize how much carbon they produce by using the web.  In one year, the average server produces equivalent emissions to a 15 mpg SUV.  Additionally, the data center where a server is located typically consumes as much electricity as 30,000 households.  For the individual PC user, that means approximately half a ton of carbon emissions annually.  “Let’s put it another way,” Graham says.  “Your [average] website is hosted on a server that produces around 12 ½ tons of CO2 each year.”
Not only does use a green server with 20% less CO2 output than the typical server, but additional emissions are neutralized through an extensive tree-planting project. For conscientious consumers who want an even more proactive approach, offers special green add-ons to plant more trees. is an online e-tool consisting of an auction, mall, and classifieds.  A boon for small businesses, the site cuts overhead costs by providing an all-in-one shopping location as an efficient substitute for individual websites.
If you would like more information about this issue or, please contact Graham at (323)677-3990.

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