Derivative Advisory Firm Opens in the San Francisco Area

New firm Cardea Partners specializes in interest rate derivatives and debt management, helping regional and national firms navigate the world of complex financial instruments.
April 22, 2010 - PRLog -- Cardea Partners has opened its Northern California office to help companies and other organizations manage the use of over-the-counter derivatives. Contracts such as interest rate swaps and caps are commonly used by corporations, not-for-profits, real estate firms, and municipalities to protect against interest rate exposure on their debt facilities. While exceedingly useful in nature, the structure and pricing of derivatives contracts is complex and lacks transparency. Using Cardea Partners to advise or implement a hedging strategy allows
client organizations to feel secure and informed in their decisions. Cardea Partners has offices in
Cleveland, San Francisco, and Miami to meet the needs of clients across the United States as they deal with the complexities of the modern financial world.

By providing expert derivative advisory services, Cardea Partners brings transparency to the process of interest rate risk management and borrowing, saving time and money for its partner organizations. The firm has experience in swap advising, cap pricing, documentation review and analysis, and provide a host of solutions to execute, manage, report, and terminate over-the-counter derivatives for our clients. Whether swapping a bond issuance or using an interest rate cap to hedge a LIBOR-based construction facility, an advisor can ensure that costs are low and that all the details of the instrument are in sync with the financing to provide the expected hedge.
The review of loan documentation can seem like a daunting process. For debt decisions, Cardea Partners leverages loan structuring knowledge for the benefit of its clients to produce proven cost savings. Whether you are negotiating a collateral substitution or finalizing documentation on new or existing financing, expert advice on deal structuring is often the difference between your organization being nimble in the future or captive to a bank facility. Careful analysis of the loan structuring can identify any instances of opaque lender revenue provisions or favourable terms for them. These provisions are often negotiable.  Deciding between lenders is never as simple as just comparing loan spreads, and Cardea can help with the
cost/benefit analysis.

Joseph Momich is a principal and founder of the Walnut Creek, California office of Cardea Partners. Prior to establishing the West Coast office for CP, he spent ten years with Bank of America in Global Derivative Products. Mr. Momich has extensive experience structuring, pricing and evaluating complex derivative transactions.  Rex Evans is a principal and founder of the Walnut Creek, California office of Cardea Partners. Prior to establishing the West Coast office for CP, he spent seventeen years at Bank of America in their capital markets group advising corporate and private clients in both interest rate and foreign exchange hedging concepts and tools.

Further information about the firm's services can be found at

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Cardea Partners brings transparency to the process of risk management and borrowing analysis, saving time and money. Whether you are using an interest rate swap, cap or other financial derivative, Cardea can help you manage the risks and costs.

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