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Just recently, I was introduced to a research breakthrough called ASEA. The new technology is based on “Redox Signaling” and represents one of the hottest topics in cellular biochemistry.
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April 21, 2010 - PRLog -- The story is quite amazing. There have been many millions of dollars spent and over 16 years in research by a (predecessor) Bio-Tech Medical Device company.  Their intention was to take the (unfinished) product through the FDA testing and approval process, with the help of a pharmaceutical company.

So what is redox signaling and what are reactive molecules? Do your research by Googling redox signaling. You will find thousands of pages of research documents from around the world. This is the business of what is happening inside the trillion or so cells in every human being and actually in all living things.

Reactive Molecules are the messengers inside and outside of each cell that direct the thousands of chemical reactions taking place every second, in every cell. The reactive molecules are instructed by the DNA to signal when and how all these reactions take place. They are also responsible for the communication between neighboring cells, letting all cells know the health and well being of their neighbors and managing oxidative stress

Now this gets very interesting. In today’s marketplace we are told that antioxidants are necessary to get rid of the trillions of oxidants and free radicals. We have been told, errantly that the free radicals and oxidants are the enemy. Current research shows quite a different story, a story that hasn’t been told. The oxidants and free radicals are part of a harmonious relationship with antioxidants in a perfect dance to keep our cells healthy and vigorous.

Without reactive molecules the antioxidants can do nothing. It doesn’t matter how many antioxidants we put in our bodies if these signaling agents are not in the proper number and balance, they are ineffective. That is one small part of the reactive molecule’s job. As a cell might become diseased or damaged, it is programmed to fix itself, through DNA instructions to the reactive molecules, who in turn signal the cells defenses to take action. This is where the oxidants come into play. Our first line of defense. If the cell cannot fix itself, it is coded by the DNA to destroy itself and is replaced by a new healthy cell. This is all part of our natural daily healing cycle.

Modern researchers can now see deep into the cell and map these intricate processes, thanks to a discovery by a Nobel Prize winning team in 2003, and have determined that for some reason, as we get older, cells become lazy and do not operate per the DNA, at full power, and these lazy cells begin duplicating rather than purposely destroying themselves as the DNA instructs. Our immune systems weaken and illness and disease creep in and stay. We develop chronic pain, symptoms of old age, slow healing and decay. In some cases, the cells turn cancerous through this malfunction of signaling. The body is supposed to kill cancer cells and eliminate them and in healthy individuals this happens. In others it does not and the cancer invades further and further eventually causing failure of the entire system.  We have over 50 Trillion cells in the human body and 200 million of those are perpetually going through a cycle of protect, repair and replace every single minute.

Today, people consume billions ($20 Billion) of dollars every year worth of vitamins, minerals and a plethora of nutrients to obtain health.

The product representing this phenomenon in science and two monumental breakthroughs is called ASEA.  It is highly purified water with pharmaceutical grade (pure) sodium chloride added. It is exactly like the fluid in and around each of your cells and suspended in this saline solution are the balanced reactive molecules. There is a bit of magic here. ASEA has discovered how to ‘stabilize” these reactive molecules. According to scientists and researchers and ASEA's consulting Atomic / Medical Physicist, this was thought to be impossible. That is until about 18 months ago when ASEA’s efforts at achieving this historic breakthrough was accomplished and verified. Each new “batch” of ASEA is tested and verified for these cell balancing reactive molecules.

Each bottle of ASEA has billions of these "reactive molecules" which goes through a three day heavily patented process. Over 30 other patents have been applied for.  Important to note, ASEA is not a vitamin, mineral, juice or nutrient product. It is a redox signaling product that goes far beyond nutrition and the first in its category in the world and can’t be copied.

Verdis Norton (CEO & Co-Founder of ASEA) and President James Pack purchased the intellectual property to this product and It is ready today.

So, what does ASEA do? Remember, there are 16 years and many millions in research data provided by the predecessor company that demonstrated amazing effectiveness at re-booting the immune system and getting the cellular reactions back up to full speed and efficiency.  The implications are immeasurable.

Tests confirm an increase of 500% and higher in Glutathione and SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) effectiveness inside the cell! These are phenomenal numbers. These super antioxidants are the bodies own powerhouse antioxidants and immune system regulators and are produced in every cell in the body. They are far more effective than any antioxidant you can add to the body by consuming antioxidant foods or expensive juices. This is not saying that good eating habits are not important but without these molecules in abundance in every cell of our body our health will be compromised.  When we are young we produce these molecules at 100% efficiency but by the time we reach 70 we are around only 10%.  Imagine the implications of a product that can restore this vital communication network of signaling molecules.

ASEA has been tested with athletes who have achieved dramatic increases in endurance, up to 30% increase and reducing the time it takes to reach ventilatory threshold (the runner’s wall) by 12% in just two short weeks of use.  This has been verified through VO2 Max Testing.  There is currently a double blind, crossover, peer reviewed study being conducted by Dr. Eric Heiden (Gold Medalist) and Dr. Max Testa. Both are renowned Orthopedic Surgeons who specialize in sports medicine and exercise physiology and are considered to be authorities on the subject. This study will be completed mid-2010.  To put this in perspective some might say so what to a 12% increase but as Max puts it, an athlete could train an entire year just realize a 1 – 2% increase or take legal performance enhancing drugs to realize at best a 3% increase if they were lucky.

Imagine rebooting your immune system to its natural healthy state, increasing your cells natural defenses to peak levels, increasing your natural antioxidant levels by 500% and more. That is the tip of the iceberg. This one product does it all, without digesting. It goes straight to the cell!

I invite you to listen to the two founders share their story in the 4 minute video:  The Founders Video or manually enter this link in your web browser.

Today, ASEA is beginning to distribute this one of a kind product to the public. Verdis Norton stated without hype or hurry, that this is a billion dollar product without any doubt. They own all manufacturing rights and produce and bottle the product in-house. They are physically ready to produce without back order, $500 million in sales.

ASEA expects to be the fastest company in our industry to reach the billion dollar mark, domestically and internationally. Verdis Norton is no stranger to international expansion and strategies. It has been his forte for 30 years. We are ready to move decisively.

While this document can in no way detail the actual discovery, my intention was to put it in lay terms. This is what I saw and heard. There is much more to the story. This is intended to pique your interest and get you excited about the possibilities of working with our ASEA team.

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