Free Cell Phone Number Search: Lookup Unlisted Numbers

There seems to be loads of sites offering a free cell phone number search directory (or unlisted phone number lookup) but at the same time a lot of frustration is expressed about these 'free' sites. What's the truth on tracing unlisted numbers?
By: Marcus Chess
Free cell phone number search: How to reverse lookup cell numbers?
Free cell phone number search: How to reverse lookup cell numbers?
April 19, 2010 - PRLog -- A free cell phone number search (or free unlisted number lookup) is defined as the means by which one can reverse search a cell phone owner's address by using their cell phone number (or unlisted land line number).

So let's get the facts straight right away. The Wireless 411 Privacy Act of  09/ 2004 states that cell phone numbers are private information. There is no central free cell phone  directory available to perform a free cell phone number search. (It's not all bad news, I'll include a helpful link further down...)

There are some online services that claim to have a free reverse cell phone directory lookup but you will soon discover that these are neither free nor able to offer accurate, comprehensive or up to date searches on their own. Usually they say that the lookup or search is free, but you will have to pay for the report (on another site)! Begging the question: If these are the tactics they use to get new clients how much should one trust their databases?!

There are also other services offering a Free reverse cell phone directory lookup that have a limited database. These require the searcher to insert their own name, address and cell phone numbers into the database. This in turn allows one to search for free but the downside to this is that one's info is no longer private plus the chances are very good that they will send advertisements and spam to your phone number!

The closest one can get to a truly free reverse cell phone number search is to enter the phone numbers into one of the search engines like Google or Yahoo. Chances are slim but some people do leave their contact details on their sites or in forums.

Finally, the good news...
There are a few professional sites offering a reverse cell phone number search directory. These sites use a collection of private and public resources (and pay big cell phone corporations to access their data on an ongoing basis) and then perform the massive task of organizing their collected data into a private reverse cellular phone directory. For this convenience one has to pay a small fee.

Typical information given would be:

   * The land line or cell phone owner's name and address, and sometimes details of family members who live at the address  
   * The phone company or cell phone carrier
   * Owner's previous addresses
   * A map showing the owner's location
   * You will also be given the option to remove your own data

We have experimented with many paid reverse phone number search directories and found Reverse Cell Phone Detective to offer the most up to date, accurate and complete online database of cell phone and land line numbers. Click here to visit

Important: Make sure the paid reverse cell phone number search directory you use gives the option of joining for a year. There are some reverse cell phone sites who charge per search, however, if you can find a service that offers a year membership it's a better option as chances are you'll need to perform another search next week or month, or possibly remember more information at a later stage.

There is no way to perform a truly free cell phone number search but for a small fee Reverse Phone Detective is a safer and more comprehensive option than most.

Good luck with the searches!

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